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#1 Reason Why Guys Suck At Online Dating

Let Us Transform Your Ugly Photos

Send Us Your Photos, We'll Take Care of the Rest

We understand the psychology behind what makes women swipe right. Let us turn your drab photos into high-quality master pieces that makes women excited to match with you.

We create the ideas and let AI work its magic. Most importantly, we make sure the final result still looks like you.

Photos That Women Love 😍

Trevor's Story

Trevor never had much luck with women, and his photos would easily tell you why.

He wasn’t the worst looking guy, but his poor quality photos and bathroom selfies made him look like a meager 5/10.

After sending us some selfies in decent quality lighting, we were able to revamp his profile and his matches increased overnight.

Why Are We Different?

With the same uploaded reference photo, Todd V Dating’s AI Photo Generator far outperforms other competitors in photorealism, face accuracy and attractiveness.

Reference Photo

Looks like you

Not the best representation of you

Implied social proof

Competitor AI Photos

Doesn't look like you

Somewhat interesting setting

Implied social proof

Todd V Dating AI Photos

Looks like you

Very intriguing

Implied social proof

Words from Our Beta Testers

This honestly feels like a cheat code. The amount of matches I got after posting the new photos are more than 3x. Thank you Todd.


Todd, I’m honestly so happy that you called out my bullshit. I was procrastinating hiring a photographer for months. If it weren’t for this, I wouldn’t be going on the dates that I am going on now.

Cris K.

Wayyyyy better than other AI Photos. This literally took me from a 4 to a 8. Y’all got the secret sauce lol.

Louis G.

From Homemade Selfie to Professional Model Shots

Get Instant Social Proof

Add Personality to Your Plain Photos


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How does your service work?

We aren’t a substitute to hiring a photographer. If you have better reference photos for us, the better of a service we can deliver to you.

When it comes to creating an impeccable online dating profile, you need certain elements to make it stand out.

You might not have the budget for a photographer to stay with you the whole day, capturing different lifestyle shots and making sure your expressions look great.

The power with our photo generation services lie in the fact that you can literally have a fully customizable photoshoot from the comfort of your home.

Is this an app?

No, we are a photo generation service. We use various tools, software and expensive equipment to generate high-quality photos for you.

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time is usually 1-5 business days depending on how high the demand is.

Will the photos have mistakes?

Our photos go through a 3-step process to ensure that there are little to no errors.

However, as humans are involved in the photo production process, we can slip up at times.

Therefore, you can always request a revision, free of charge, within 48 hours of your photo delivery.

Do you have any guarantees?

We’ve been coaching men for over 5 years on how to meet women in real life and online. We understand what makes a man attractive to women.

While we can’t guarantee any number of matches, we will provide free revisions for up to 48 hours since the delivery of your photo(s).

Revisions only involve the correction of errors. We can make slight alterations from the creative brief provided, but revisions DO NOT include a completely new idea of a photo.

Can I submit selfies?

The results of your photos depend greatly on the quality of the photos you submit. While not recommended, selfies are fine as long as they are shot with high-quality cameras and your whole face is visible in the frame.

What aspect ratios do you provide?

You can request your specific aspect ratio in the payment form. If not provided, we will send you 9:16 by default.

However, if your face takes up too much space in the reference photos you send, we will send you a 1:1 photo or match the aspect ratio provided in your photos.

Why do your photos look so good?

Simply put, we use the best equipment, software, and photo generation experts. In addition, we use Todd’s Online Dating concepts to further reinforce your photos to get matches.

Why not just hire a photographer?

We aren’t a replacement for hiring a photographer. In fact, if you can get professional photography reference photos, we can deliver you a much better service.

When it comes to creating an impeccable online dating profile, there are important elements required that a photographer can’t necessarily deliver.

Not many people have the budget to hire a photographer for the whole day, capturing different lifestyle shots, different outfits, and making sure your face and expressions look photogenic.

The advantage with Todd V Dating’s photo generation service lies in the fact that you can literally have a fully customizable photoshoot within the comfort of your own home.

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