10 Dates in 7 Days (EXACTLY How I Did It)

This is a video about success.

I’m talking about consistent, massive online dating success.

10 dates with attractive women from online dating over a 7-day span, to be exact.

This may sound surprising to you, because most guys don’t see success with women online.

As in nearly no matches, very few conversations, and even fewer dates.

Which can be extremely frustrating…

But it’s not your fault.

Most guys just don’t know how to use the platforms effectively.

And they don’t know how to run dates.

Which is a HUGE shame because there is an ocean of women out there looking to date guys just like you.

But the truth is online dating CAN work.

It can work really, really well

I’m talking about a systematized method of getting you frequent, successful dates with attractive women

Perhaps even 10 dates in 7 days…

So, you’re probably wondering how I did it.

My first method may seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually the key to a seamless online dating experience…

Don’t swipe if you don’t have to.

Use boosts and memberships instead.

Dating apps are businesses. They want to keep their customers happy. How do they keep their customers happy?

By showing your profile to tons of women, specifically ones who are your type, nearly guaranteeing a positive interaction when you match with her.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys trip up on the next step.

Once you’ve gotten her number and set up the date, I HIGHLY recommend scheduling a phone call or video call with her prior to the date.

This accomplishes several things.

First of all, it helps you screen the girl. Is she as attractive as she appeared on her profile? Do you like her vibe? Is the banter good?

Secondly, after that successful call, girls become far less likely to flake. I’ve found that when I call the girl prior to the date, she’s 5x more likely to show up.

Not only that, but the call gives me an opportunity to display my personality, build up some more value, and create positive momentum between us, leaving the girl VERY excited for the date.

Once you have a steady inflow of dates from online dating, the best thing you can do is pace yourself.

That’s clearly not what I did, hence the 10 dates in 7 days, but that was an experiment to prove that an average-looking guy can have a phenomenal dating life with online dating as long as he has the right tools to do so.

Experiments aside, I recommend working through your existing funnel of matches before trying to generate other leads.

Remember, quality is better than quantity.

-Todd V

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