5 Low-Value Male Behaviors

Today let’s dive into a topic that I’ve seen trip up a lot of men – the subtle behaviors that scream low value in interactions with women. 

Picture this: you’re putting in the effort, saying all the right things, but somehow, it’s just not clicking as smoothly as you’d like. 

Well, don’t worry, because in this post, I’m breaking down five key behaviors and how to overcome them to enhance your success with women.

Low-Value Behavior #1: Tonality

First up, let’s talk about tonality. It’s not just about what you say; it’s about how you say it. Avoid slipping into a questioning tonality, especially around women you find attractive. 

Practice a more decisive and commanding tone – think of it as a balance between a period and an exclamation mark. This simple adjustment can make a world of difference.

Low-Value Behavior #2: Asking for Permission

Now, onto a common pitfall – asking for permission. While politeness is crucial, constantly seeking approval can make you appear low value. 

Assume positive responses when appropriate, and avoid unnecessary permissions, especially in the early stages of interaction. Confidence is key.

Low-Value Behavior #3: Being Overly-Agreeable

Being overly agreeable is another stumbling block. Sure, common interests are great, but constantly mirroring the other person can diminish your perceived value. Lead conversations, express your opinions, and let her follow your lead.

Low-Value Behavior #4: Indecisiveness

Decisiveness matters.

I get it; nobody wants to make mistakes or be wrong. However, overthinking and indecisiveness convey hesitancy and a lack of leadership. Make choices confidently; it shows you’re in control and know what you want.

Low-Value Behavior #5: Being Too Polarizing

Lastly, avoid excessive button pushing behaviors. Strive for a balance between being yourself and not trying too hard for reactions. Act natural, have fun, and maintain a cool, socially calibrated demeanor.

Remember, these are habits you can manage and improve. 

Whether it’s adjusting tonality, avoiding excessive permission seeking, leading conversations, making decisive choices, or finding the right balance in your approach, practice makes perfect.

So, go out there, be confident, and watch how mastering these high-value behaviors transforms your interactions with women.

-Todd V

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