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Today I’m excited to dive into a question I frequently receive about my bootcamps – what’s the deal with debriefs and why are they so crucial? 

Well, let me break it down for you.

My bootcamps are live, in-person programs all about taking guys into the field and participating in real-time game scenarios. 

But the progress doesn’t stop there. 

At the end of the night (or sometimes the next day, depending on the circumstances), we gather for a debrief session.

Why do we debrief? 

Simple – it’s the key to rapid improvement in the game. 

The philosophy is rooted in the scientific method: experience, analyze, implement, repeat.

Without thoughtful reflection, you risk repeating the same mistakes.

During a debrief, we discuss the highlights and challenges of the approaches done in that session. 

It’s not just about the approaches that went well; it’s about understanding your sticking points and learning from them. I often ask my students about their best approaches and interactions, emphasizing that the “best” doesn’t always mean the smoothest outcome.

It’s about personal growth and overcoming challenges.

We then delve into the challenges faced during the night, focusing on patterns rather than isolated incidents.

Identifying recurring issues allows for targeted improvement.

The most critical part comes next – the big takeaways. What did the night reveal about yourself and your game? I encourage students to focus on one or two significant takeaways for the night. This concentrated approach helps avoid information overload and promotes actionable insights.

Why is debriefing so crucial?

It’s not just about reliving the night; it’s about creating a plan for improvement. Having a structured approach to self-analysis ensures continuous progress.

So, why am I such a proponent of debriefing? Because it’s the linchpin of progress in game. 

Without it, you might be spinning your wheels, stuck in the same place. 

But with a systematic approach to improvement, even a 1% increase per session compounds rapidly, leading to exponential growth in your game.

So, if you’re not already incorporating debriefing into your routine, now’s the time to start.

Let me know your results and thoughts in the video comments, and remember – the key to success lies in the debrief details. 

And as I mentioned, I do debriefs with my students on every bootcamp. More info on bootcamps can be found at:

-Todd V

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