Cold Approach: Why It’s a Massive Cheat Code to the Dating Life You Desire

In this article, I’m going to tell you why cold approach pick up is the ultimate evolutionary cheat code for having the sex life of an Emperor. Or a dating life of a modern day celebrity.

A cheat code that you’re lucky to have available to you as a man in the modern age. Even if you don’t realize it quite yet.

But before we dive in, what even is ‘cold approach’?

Here’s my definition: cold approach is the art of approaching a woman you’ve never met before, and being able to convey yourself in an attractive way which can lead to something romantic happening.

It’s walking up “cold” to a girl that has no clue of who you are and making some type of a relationship happen out of thin air (even if it’s just a short one).

So why is cold approach a cheat code? Here’s a little story.

A few months ago, I did an Immersion program in London.

On the program, I had a student who, by the way, was an Indian guy (I mention that because I get a lot of Indian and Asian guys on my programs who see their ethnicity as a limitation).

Before coming onto the program, this student had slept with seven women in his whole entire 30 years or so of life.

On the program, which is seven days, he slept with five new girls!

Clearly, my student really stepped up his game here. He’d done more approaches in 7 days than in his whole life, and had really transformed in many ways with a skillset taught by someone that’s been doing it for two decades (me) as well as 5 of my coaches (decades of game experience between them).

The point is, in his whole life he did things the normal way, the way society and his upbringing had taught him, and got very average results.

Then he goes on my program and implements the cheat code of effective cold approach and within one week he sleeps with almost as many women as he had in his entire life before that point.

Now does everybody experience such a quick transformation? No, not necessarily.

However, the point is this: being good at the skill of cold approach can be a tremendous cheat code that evolution and society didn’t intend you to have.

I speak from personal experience as well as that of many students that got similar results.


Let’s start with the evolutionary science of attraction.

Women are attracted to men who have traits and characteristics that would have been useful for survival and reproduction in the environment from which we evolved from.

When I say ‘in the environment from which we evolved from’, I’m talking 10,000 to 10,000,000 years ago.

In those environments, we lived in small, social tribes of around 75-150 people. Because we lived in these small tribes, we could not be anything that we were not. (Read that over twice if you have too).

Your whole tribe would have known you since you were born; they would know about every time you ever wet the bed; every time you messed up on a hunt and generally any time you’ve ever fucked up anything, ever.

The social roles in the tribe were set. Everyone knew who the chief was, and everyone knew who the beta male at the bottom of the hierarchy was.

For those reasons, your social status in the tribe was pretty much fixed and, again, you couldn’t be what you were not. Especially when it comes to status.

In fact, if you tried acting higher status than you were, you’d actually run a high risk of being beaten up, exiled, or killed by higher status men in the tribe.

Where we came from was a brutal and unforgiving place!

Luckily for us today, we do NOT live in that environment anymore!

High five!


Today, we live in a connected world of 7 billion people, where 99.99999% of people are essentially strangers.

When you walk up to a girl, you have a clean slate, where you can be anybody you want to be.

When you cold approach a girl, she doesn’t know anything about your past.

She doesn’t know about your hideous acne in high school.

She doesn’t know about your hairy palms when you were a hygienically impaired teenager.

She doesn’t know that you were a virgin until you were 25.

She doesn’t know that you got beat up by the class bully when you were 10.

All she knows is that there is a guy walking up to her right now that is displaying confident mannerisms and is communicating to her in a way which she finds massively attractive.

So it doesn’t matter how your last approach went, even if it went poorly.

It doesn’t matter if you slept with 10 different women last week. It also doesn’t matter if you haven’t been laid in three years. She doesn’t know that!

You have a clean slate with every approach.

Therefore, if you have enough skill to cold approach girls with any reasonable competence at all, you are already an attractive alpha male to her.


The other beautiful thing about being in a tribe of 7 billion people, is that there are roughly 3.5 billion women in the world, around 1-2 billion that fit the age range that you would consider of interest to you, and maybe 100-300 million that you would consider highly attractive.

Ie. The dating pool.

So you are never going to run out of women. Even if you spent every second of the rest of your life romping away, you’d still never be close to having been with even 0.0001% of the women on this Earth.

Therefore, the possibilities are endless. You can always go find a new incredible, hot girl to cold approach at any time in your life.

This is in stark contrast to most men on Earth who have a social circle dating strategy by default, where they meet girls through their friends or at work.

If your dating strategy is meeting girls at work where there are 50 women, then that gives you a dating pool of 50 women.

On the other hand, doing cold approach gives you a dating pool of billions of women.

It almost doesn’t matter how good you are with 50 when you have access to BILLIONS. Just on sheer numbers and volume, your results and satisfaction are going to be exponentially better – even if you’re mediocre at cold approach.

It’s just flat out a fact.


Take me as an example. In many ways, I’m a pretty regular guy.

I’m 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Maybe I’m slightly better looking than average (or so I tell myself).

I’m in above average shape and I have pasty white skin. If I have one advantage, maybe I’m a little bit smart – maybe. Other than that, I’m pretty much your average guy…

…And I’ve slept with hundreds and hundreds of women!

Including, but not limited to: models, actresses, super hot successful women and athletes. Whatever your type is, I’ve pretty much had that.

Going back to history, that’s the dating life of Roman Emperors, notorious Kings of antiquity, legends of the past.

In the modern day and age, that’s the dating life of celebrities and athletes.

And who am I?

Just some average dude! 

All I did was decide when I was 18 years old to walk up to random attractive girls and try talking to them.

And I wasn’t very good at first. In fact, I was pretty shitty at it.

But even being pretty shitty, I started getting numbers and dates – more than all the coolest, most alpha guys in the fraternities at my college.

They were cooler than me. They were more attractive than me. They had even been laid before, and I was a virgin at the time.

But I was getting more dates, more numbers, more opportunities with girls BY ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE than they were, simply because I was willing to approach.

And once I actually started getting good at cold approach, oh my god – the world became my oyster!

So if you think about it from an evolutionary standpoint, doing cold approach is cheating the entire system, giving guys success with women which is way beyond what they should really be getting.


“But Todd, cold approach is really hard for me!”

And I agree with you. Cold approach is a little bit hard at the beginning.

However, if you look at the grand scheme of things, you’re competing with every man in getting your genes into the next generation. This is the toughest, most blood-thirsty, unforgiving game on the planet!

Evolutionarily, it’s what you were put on Earth to do.

So if you can get good at cold approach, then you have a ridiculous cheat code advantage over almost every other guy in the world.

And what’s the alternative to learning cold approach? Being rich and famous? Do you think that’s easy?

Nope – that’s orders of magnitude harder than learning cold approach!

So even though cold approach isn’t 1 + 1 = 2 easy, it’s still way easier than any other alternative option that gives you the same amazing results.


So how to do you get good at cold approach?

First of all, I would start by watching my videos!

Secondly, to get good and stay in this for the long run, it’s important to set reasonable goals that are a stretch, but still attainable.

Therefore, if you are a virgin, and you set yourself the goal of having sex in the first week, then that’s an unreasonable goal that will be counter-productive to your long-term success.

If you’re at this stage, click here to find out what I’d do if I was starting out again.

Instead of unreasonable goals and unrealistic expectations, you should set your criteria for success as something that you can control.

For example, if you are scared of approaching a girl and then you do an approach, you should judge that as a massive success!

If you struggle to hold a conversation for one minute, and then you have a one-minute conversation, well congratulations – that’s a big success!

It’s important to set reasonable goals because when you do achieve them, your body releases more dopamine, serotonin, and testosterone – those alpha chemicals that are going to make you feel more confident.

Alternatively, when you fail, your body releases cortisol and stress chemicals that make you feel more like a loser. This is also reflected in your physiology.

Therefore, if you set goals that are just a small stretch but still attainable, then you will feel more confident – which is obviously hugely attractive to women.

My last piece of advice about succeeding at learning cold approach game:

Set yourself a reasonable timeframe – you don’t need to get to my level straight away, as long as you are seeing continuous progress. As I like to say, if you improved by 1% each day, you would be 3800% better by the end of the year!

Slowly, as you stick to the process and learn the skillset step-by-step, you will be getting results that are way beyond what you ever imagined.

That’s why cold approach truly is the ultimate evolutionary cheat code.


PS. If you’re ready to start getting results with cold approach, but don’t know where to start, I highly recommend checking out my comprehensive course, The System.

Pretty much everything I know about meeting women through cold approach, including hours of video of me actually doing the darn thing, in one insane 20 hour course.

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