Dance Floor Game Explained


Lots of girls love to spend a night out dancing with their friends.

But what would make their night even better is meeting a great guy.

Unfortunately, not many men know how to approach women on the dance floor. It’s a shame because some women stay on the dance floor all night long.

Here’s some advice to improve your dance floor game.


Often, girls will dance in a group with their friends.

As long as there is enough space between the girl you want to dance with and her friends, you can make eye contact with her and offer to dance.

If the girl is not giving you space to approach and is huddled with her friends, you’ll have to open with assertive body language and high volume.

The dance floor is an environment with lots of stimuli to distract a girl’s attention. You want to lead with high-intensity. 

You can tap her on the shoulder or give a her soft hip check. When the girl faces you, you can give her and the group a hug.

Most importantly, ENGAGE the group.

Her friends absolutely matter. If you start by talking with your desired girl, open the conversation up to her friends.

“Oh, are these your friends?”

Introduce yourself or say hi. Get to know them a little. Having the group on your side early on will do wonders for you when it comes to isolating the girl you want.

Even though the dance floor is loud, there should still be some back and forth in terms of your interactions with your girl and the group. You don’t have to talk too much to the group, but at least acknowledge them and treat them as humans, not as obstacles.

Ideally, if the dance floor is quieter, you want to talk with your girl for a little and then with the group. Talk with your girl, then talk with the group. And so on until you get the girl alone.


Not only is leading important in game, but it’s also important for dancing with women.

In America, you want to dance close and intimately. In Europe, you want to keep some distance and talk.

Generally, you don’t want to escalate too much in front of her friends when you guys are dancing. This can make the friends feel uncomfortable and over-protective of your girl.

The main goal is to ISOLATE.

If the friends are comfortable with you, dance away to isolation with your girl or take her off the dance floor. Dancing too long around the friends can turn you into an entertainer, not someone your girl wants to genuinely connect with.

Once you guys are alone, let your game go to work.


Dancing is a solid way to meet women, but your main goal should be to get one on one with a girl.

Many times, it’s better to meet a girl off the dance floor and then bring her there to get more intimate and physical.

Now that you know how to successfully open on the dance floor, go use it to your advantage and don’t let the high-energy environment get in your way.

Talk soon.


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