DATE WITH A MODEL (Pass Her Shit Tests!)

The hottest girls are going to give you shit.

It’s just the way it is.

Hot girls get approached by guys all the time, so they need a way to screen guys who aren’t worth their time.

A simple shit test will weed most guys out.

So, you can either learn to pass shit tests, and be one of the few guys who can consistently attract and date beautiful women…

Or you can settle for having a ceiling on the types of girls you can attract.

Pretty simple choice, right?

But solely learning how to pass shit tests isn’t enough to attract the women you want.

You see, the most attractive girls may be a bit blasé.

They may not give you a ton to work with.

They may be a bit boring.

They may be vapid.

At least at first, until you can build that attraction and get to a point where SHE is gaming YOU.

And yes, that is VERY possible to accomplish, even with the hottest girls.

When you’re on a date with a girl, you have to remember that she CHOSE to go on this date with you. 

Of all the possible things should could be doing, she chose to be there with you.


Assume she likes you. Assume she wants the date to go well. Assume a high-value frame.

That’s exactly what I did on this date with a model I met via online dating.

At first, her hot girl blasé was turned all the way up. She was being super logical and boring.

Did I get needy, trying desperately to fill the gaps in the conversation?


Instead, I stayed calm and relaxed, and assumed the burden of the conversation.

I gave her shit. I maintained a high-value frame. I built attraction.

I created fun and interesting open loops that gave the conversation a chance.

I kept doing that over and over until she started to really engage in the conversation.

Stay in the game, and she’ll start to game you.

-Todd V

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