Getting Out of the Friend Zone


Here’s the easiest way to get out of the dreaded friend zone.

Stop being friendly.

No, this doesn’t mean to stop being nice or considerate.

When you’re attracted to a woman, you need to display high-value behaviors that are non-platonic. At the end of the day, friendly interactions don’t lead to sex but sexual interactions do.

Another way to get out of the friend zone is to sleep with her. So, find a way to make the interaction lead to sex.

For many men, this is a big risk. You need to be willing to lose her. This scares many men, but when done properly this can make her crave you, and you actually won’t end up losing her. On top of that, the interaction between you and her will be much more enjoyable and filled with lots of sexual tension.

If you’re deep in the friend zone right now, you need to stop acting like the guy that got you in there. You’re behaving like a friend, and she’s treating you like one.

Break that pattern as soon as you can.


Start teasing her here and there. You can inject little flirtatious comments in your conversations to make it more man-to-woman.

If she makes an adorable gesture, you can say, “That was adorable.”

Keep in mind that if you’ve been in the friend zone for quite a while, it’ll take some time to transition out. Flooding her with man-to-woman remarks out of nowhere will startle her.

The shift will begin as you gradually establish more premise in the interaction.

Try giving her a push-pull compliment.

“You’re actually kind of cute.”

If she does something you think is outrageous, silly, or obnoxious, don’t be so agreeable and call her out.

“If you keep that up, I’m not sure if we’ll continue to get along.”

She already enjoys spending time with you. All you need now is the sexual spark.


You can also put yourself in a more sexual light through other means.

Date a girl hotter than her. She’ll begin viewing you as a lover who does well with women instead of a platonic guy she can always depend on. In addition, establishing premise with her will become a lot easier.

She can even take the initiative and abolish the friend zone herself if she readily accepts you as an alpha male.

Her mind will go crazy wondering why you never saw her in a sexual light, and she might even start flirting with you.


Go apply this advice, and it will be impossible to be put into the friend zone again.

Her perception of you has already been shaped by you being so nice in the past. As you begin to break this trend, your behaviors will start weighing her perceptions to the present, and you will soon appear as the romantic alpha male.

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