Getting “ghosted” sucks!

You finally meet a girl, it seems to be going so well, and then *poof* she just stops responding.

It’s frustrating.

It’s confusing.

It’s a blow to the ego for sure.
WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?! and how can we make it happen less.

Well, here are a few quick points to help you out:

1. Getting emotional about it doesn’t help. Getting frustrated and discouraged isn’t going to make her come on a date (and if you vent or complain it will make her MUCH LESS likely to text you back).

Also, getting frustrated over one girl will just make your dating
life with all girls less enjoyable.

2. The biggest places to look for what you did “wrong” are in your most recent texts, and SOMETIMES in the overall FRAME of the interaction going back to before the texts.

3. In many cases escalation is an important factor. You likely either escalated too fast, or you didn’t escalate at all and she got bored.

4. Finally, sometimes life just happens. She gets back together with her EX, or she moves to another state or gets a promotion at work… maybe she got hit by a bus, who knows… in any case, SOME flaking and ghosting is just a part of dating, so don’t take each instance personally.

However, if flaking and ghosting seem to be happing “ALL THE TIME” you likely are making tons of mistakes in your follow-up.

For a more detailed look at “ghosting” check out the video below:

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