How Being a CHEAPSKATE Hurts you with Women (Stop Lying to Yourself)

In my 20 years as a dating coach, I’ve heard A LOT of warped ideas about attracting women.

Refusing to spend a penny on them is one such idea.

I’ve had students proudly tell me they’ve never bought drinks for a girl.


It all stems from a fear of supplicating – going out of one’s way to impress a girl to their own detriment.

And don’t get me wrong, supplicating IS bad game. But spending money on women does not automatically fall into that category.

In fact, being CHEAP can in many ways hurt you with women. And hurt you in life. 

While intelligently allocating your money in AFFORDABLE ways can have outsize returns in dating and relationships.

If you’re at a bar and in the middle of a long interaction with a girl, you probably SHOULD buy her a drink at some point. 

It’s not supplicating, it’s not putting her on a pedestal, and it doesn’t make you less of a man. It’s a completely normal thing to do when talking to a girl in a bar AND it moves the interaction along in a positive direction.

At the same time…

Don’t be the guy that lets women use him for JUST drinks. 

Heck, even I’ve had sets where immediately upon approaching a girl, I’ve gotten hit with an immediate…

“Buy me a drink.”

Nope. I’m good. Bye. Onto the next.

There are plenty of other examples where being cheap can hurt you massively. Both in terms of time and opportunities. 

Money buys you opportunities and saves you time in online dating, fashion, venues, logistics. I can go on and on and on. 

Check out my recent video below where I dive into all of these in rigorous detail:


00:00 – Intro

00:21 – This is stupid. Stop doing it.

02:10 – Spending money on girls…

03:25 – Should you buy drinks for girls?

05:02 – Supplicating

07:23 – You SHOULD spend money on these…

10:24 – Life advice

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