How To Easily Start Conversations When She’s NOT Showing Interest

Picture this: you spot a woman you find irresistible, and you actually muster the courage to approach her. 

What happens next? Well, buckle up because it’s about to get interesting.

Say you open with a direct approach, complimenting her look, and she responds positively.

“Oh, thank you! You’re very cute too!”

Perfect, right? Now, the real game begins – escalation.

The key is to seize the momentum. 

When you receive a positive response, don’t shy away; instead, escalate. 

For example, you can smoothly transition to a relationship projection.

“What should two very cute people do here in [your location]?”

It’s crucial to recognize the type of response you receive.

If it’s a negative response, don’t be disheartened. 

Instead, switch gears, try a different approach, and keep the conversation flowing.

If your direct opener received a negative response, it’s okay to reopen the conversation with an indirect opener.

If the indirect opener generates intrigue, then soon after you’ll have the opportunity to deploy premise.

What about lukewarm responses, you ask?

One, realize that lukewarm is NOT negative, you’re still doing fine.

Two, elaborate on your initial comment, providing more substance for the girl to latch onto. By doing so, you create an opportunity for her to engage in the conversation.

The key here is to identify the optimal escalation method based on the responses you’re getting.
Different opening styles work for various reasons, and it’s essential to gauge the situation and adjust accordingly.

So, next time you do a cold approach, use these insights to remain flexible based on the varied responses you’ll inevitably get.

Happy gaming!

-Todd V

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