How to End a Dry Spell


Game can certainly have its ups and downs. There will be moments when you will absolutely be killing it, and there will also be moments when you feel like nothing works anymore.

Going a while without a result sucks.

Action must be taken to reverse this negative trend.

The fact that you have a dry spell generally means that you were doing something right in the past.

So, ask yourself what you’re doing differently now. Go back to the actions you were doing in the past that got you a lot of success.

Most of the time, it will be going out more or getting more numbers. You want to get back to the level of abundance you had in the past.


One way to get momentum going again is to do what you would do if you moved to a new city.

Get your feet running, and fill the top of the funnel with as many leads as possible. Ideally, you want to close for lots of numbers.

Meet women on your way to work, at the coffee shop, at the gym, at the club, online, etc.

If you’re good at online game, close for lots of numbers online.

If you’re good at Daygame, go for a 3-hour Daygame session.

If you’re good at Nightgame, approach lots of women and get number after number.

Having lots of girls’ numbers on your phone and being hit up all the time not only gives you abundance, but it also makes you fill the role of the alpha male. You’re now acting like the guy who’s getting laid.

In addition, if you’re going for quantity, going for the number can lead to more numerical success. The most women you can pull in a day is usually two, but if you can get lots of numbers, you can sleep with a lot more women.

Again, fill the top of your funnel.

Game is a lot like sales. If business isn’t looking too great, the best thing to do is get more leads.


It’s also very possible that you made an adjustment in your game that’s hurting you. Even though the adjustment was in the right step of improving your game, you may have implemented it poorly.

For example, you were originally too nice and decided that you would be more polarizing. Unfortunately, now you’re being too much of a dickhead and women are turned off by it.

Take a step back and go back to what was working.

Start getting results again and then address what you need to make your game better.

You might even consider lowering your standards by a quarter to half a point. Don’t throw your standards out the window, but it’s fine to sleep with women that are slightly less than your desired caliber just to get the momentum going again.

Having lots of women in your life does make a big difference.


In dry spells, guys tend to fuck up towards the end.

They’ll get a girl back to their bedroom and be way too pushy or needy.

As exciting as it is to finally break your dry spell, you want to let the game come to you and not be so eager.

Be the guy that just had sex recently. Be patient.

Don’t worry so much about the end. You’ve been there before. Just trust that it will happen.

The most important thing you can do is to get more leads and get that momentum going again.

You can’t focus on Step 5 without Step 1. Closing is the least of your concern. Get more numbers.

When I started my sophomore year in college, I spent my first day getting 18 phone numbers. It got the ball rolling, and my social/dating life for the next month came from those numbers.

If you have a lifelong dry spell (a.k.a Virginity), the same applies: get more leads.

Game is a process, and you need to have your fundamentals covered.

Start approaching women, and get good at closing for numbers. Next, set up dates and work on escalating. Then, practice pulling back to your place. As you get good at pulling, you can finally transition to sex.

Remember, there is no sex without the meet up, so go out and meet more women.

Talk soon,


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