How to Find Her Blueprint

I constantly meet guys that struggle with the same problem for years on end.

They can get the girls that are already into them, the “meh” girls, but they can’t get the girls they really want.

The ones that they got into game to get.

It’s a pretty common problem, and there are a lot of reasons why it happens.

A big reason is that while guys go out night after night and “do game”…

… very often they’re just repeating the same things over and over again without taking any time to figure out the girl right in front of them.

Who is she?

What does she want?

What is her definition of value and how do you fit into it?

These are all questions that advanced guys try to figure out with every girl. Which is why they actually GET the kinds of girls that other guys don’t.

I just published a new vlog called “How to Find a Girl’s Blueprint” where I explain step by step how to do exactly that.

This one skill alone, and gaming in a way that focuses on the girl in front of you, has busted many of my students out of intermediate purgatory.

It’s a skill that you should learn for yourself.

Check it out below.

Talk soon,

-Todd V

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