How to Have Better Sex (Secrets of a Player)

Tons of guys work hard to sharpen their game. 

But too few look to improve their performance in the bedroom.

Which brings us to a harsh truth…

A lot of guys suck in bed.

It’s not uncommon for women to have never experienced an orgasm through sex. That’s a reality we need to address head-on.

Now, when guys ask me about how to be better in bed, they’re usually looking for a quick hack that’ll instantly cause their partner to orgasm.

But let’s clear this up: women aren’t wired like that.

Their desires and attractions aren’t binary switches; they’re more like dimmer switches that require a gradual build-up.

So, let’s talk about a couple of key aspects that can dramatically improve your performance in bed.

How to Have Better Sex (Secrets of a Player)

First up, foreplay – an absolute game-changer.

Trust me, if you can get her begging for more before sex, you’re way ahead of the game.

Creating the right mood through foreplay can set the stage for an incredible experience.

But it’s not just about the physical.

Remember, sex is a form of communication for women, it’s crucial that they understand what you’re saying with your touch and movements.

Every encounter is unique, so don’t stick to a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, listen to her reactions, feel her responses, and adjust accordingly.

Don’t forget the importance of expressing an emotional connection in bed, because…

That’s the secret sauce that turns good sex into mind-blowing experiences.

Focus on making her feel comfortable and desired. Encouraging open communication about what she’s into and being receptive to her feedback will work wonders.

You should also utilize the power of variety.

As with any aspect of life, monotony can be a mood-killer.

Experiment with different approaches, paces, and intensities. Pay attention to what makes her moan, what makes her move closer, and what brings her to the edge of finishing.

Now, let’s touch on some technical tips.

It’s no secret that the clitoris is a sensitive hotspot, but remember, being gentle is the key here.

It’s a journey, not a race. 

Start slow, increase stimulation gradually, and adapt as you go. Also, don’t underestimate the power of nipple play – it can be a game-changer for many women.

Ultimately, it all comes down to understanding your partner, communicating openly, and being receptive to her cues.

The goal isn’t just to have better sex; it’s to foster a deeper connection, ensuring that both of you are enjoying the experience to the fullest.

So remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to being better in bed.

It’s a dynamic, evolving dance between communication, emotional connection, and physical exploration.

By internalizing and practicing these tips, you’ll become something most girls haven’t encountered – a guy who can bring them to orgasm consistently.

-Todd V

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