How to Turn Around Any Rejection

If you’re actively meeting girls (instead of just reading about it on the internet), you’ve probably experienced rejection in one form or another.

I feel ya man, rejection ain’t fun. Especially if you’re trying your best.

Nobody likes not being liked, or hearing one word answers…or even worse:

Being ignored.

These things are super common, and get more common when you’re trying to talk to hotter and hotter girls.

Congrats. You’re experiencing the “Hot Girl Blasé”.

But have no fear…so-called rejections right off the open can actually mean THE START of the interaction. Not the end.

Let’s start with a quick fact:

The hotter the girl, the more she is getting approached. That’s a big reason why the “hot girl blase” even exists.

So how do you turn rejections around?

#1 – Open With Something That Doesn’t Suck

If you’re getting a rejection right off the opener more than 30% of the time, then your opener SUCKS. Period.

The solution?

Open better!

I can almost hear you thinking: “How the hell do I do that, Todd?”

Start by working on your tonality, the most common problem, by speaking louder and clearer

If you’re not already, open with a smile or at least a know-it-all smirk.

Too many guys open girls with absolutely zero emotion and this rightfully can be super creepy.

Meek, quiet opens don’t get attention or respect. Open like you mean it!

(And if you’re completely clueless on what this even means, there is a mountain of knowledge on opening and hooking inside my flagship course, The System).

Another super key point:

Don’t forget to improve your fashion and hygiene. If you look like a homeless person and smell like a homeless person, chances are you’ll get ignored or worse, no matter how good your game is.

Luckily, these are simple things to fix.

Which leads me to my next point:

#2 – Instigate, Damn It!

I’ll be harsh for a second:

Girls don’t get turned on by boring questions. If all you do is ask the same platonic questions every other guy asks, you’ll be quickly and rightfully ignored.

Most guys are completely oblivious of the most important tool in game: Instigation.

Instigate her emotions and make the interaction relevant to her.

You can do that by adopting a frame that actually has a chance of leading to sex, instead of platonic bullshit that most guys try.

An example would be for you to assume the frame of being really, impossibly hot and she’s uncontrollably attracted to you (even if you’re just average).

This leaves her with two options:

To agree with your frame (which will lead to sex if you don’t screw it up).

Or to disagree with your frame and shit test you, which is significantly better than being ignored.

Shit tests mean she’s assessing your value, and, if you pass them, could very likely lead to sex.

Here are a couple of openers that will instigate her on an emotional level:

“OMG you look so adorable, but that’s the weirdest dress I’ve ever seen.”

“Hey, you look like a total badass, and I wanted to grace you with my presence”

“What the f#ck is up with your shoes! I kinda dig it though.”

#3 – Have a Game Plan

This happens to a good 80-90% of guys that just start out in game.

Sometimes your opener actually works, and you get a decent initial reaction, but if you’re clueless and fumbling around for the next move, it’ll still feel like a rejection.

Eventually that little initial spark can die out completely. Things get boring. The conversation fizzles out.

This is what happens when you don’t have a game plan. Lucky for you, this is really easy to fix:
Get a game plan, and lead the interaction forward, which leads me to my next point:

#4 – Carry the Burden of the Conversation

If you go up to a girl and talk to her, it’s ON YOU to carry the burden of the conversation.

YOU walked up to her, YOU talked to her, so it’s on YOU to lead the interaction.

Understand this:

As hard as it is for you to come up with something to say, it’s even harder for her.

A lot of times, that initial “rejection” can just be the girl not knowing how to respond to you. So it’s on you to carry the burden and make things happen.

Don’t let an interaction die because you don’t know what to say.

Assume the burden of the conversation, move it forward, and INSTIGATE (see #2).

Often times, girls can significantly warm up to you and eventually ENGAGE YOU after you rev the verbal motor a little.

#5 – Change Your Approach

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Let’s say you open with a line that instigates her emotions, but it still gets you ignored. You shouldn’t follow up with something similar, it’ll get you nothing but more blasé.

A common opener I see guys do:
“You’re cute and I wanted to talk to you.”

If that doesn’t work, don’t follow up with:

“I was intrigued by you, and thought I should come over.”

It’s essentially the same opener, it’s not going to work no matter how many times you tried it. SO CHANGE IT!

Here’s the solution:

Instigate her emotions with something different: do a push-pull or say something highly polarizing.

And last, but not least, if you have advanced game, you can:

#6 – Calibrate Your Verbals

Every single opener should hit certain emotional triggers for the girl. Of course, some hit no emotional triggers. You want to avoid this. Duh.

But if you’re getting initial rejections or flat opens, it’s up to you to calibrate off that and hit a completely different emotional note. One that actually resonates with the girl. (This is a big part of my game).

Usually it’s the follow up that truly hooks a girl anyway, not the initial opener. If you can display high value traits such as intelligence, humor and yes, a little arrogance, you’ll be able to turn around a good percentage of those so-called “rejections.

One caveat:

A lot of calibration comes from time in field. The more interactions you have, the more you’ll encounter the same reactions over and over again.

You eventually start to realize that “hot girl blase” isn’t a unique thing that happens to just you, but a part of gaming hotter girls that you can actively use to your advantage.

The Best Way to Avoid A Rejection: Have Good Game

Learning how to turn rejections around can be fun and even empowering.

Many of my epic victories in game have come from doing just that. Sets that everyone else would have chalked up as failures, that I was able to turn around into something insane.


You’ll get WAY better results by taking already great interactions and keeping that momentum until the very end.

In other words, game the right way from the second you step up to the girl.

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