How To Win At Games, Game, And LIFE – Even Luck Is A Skill

I have a harsh truth to share with you.

Performing well doesn’t guarantee winning.

Whether it’s in dating, games, or life…

There’s a distinction between playing well and winning.

Noticing and acting upon this distinction is what separates the winners from the losers.

The first thing you have to do is DECIDE to win.

This means prioritizing victory over everything else.

Winning must matter MORE to you than:

Looking good, making friends, and protecting your self-image

Imagine you approach the hottest girl in the club. She hits you with the typical hot girl blasé at first, but after seeing you’re unphased, she starts to engage with you, and one thing leads to another…

In that scenario, if you had prioritized protecting your ego over winning, you never would’ve stood a chance at winning.

You have to be willing to win UGLY.

Deciding to win also means viewing “losses” as a positive thing.

Losses are nothing but opportunities to get better. A loss means you took action but something impeded victory. That something contains a lesson. Extract the lesson, apply it next time, and forget about the loss.

Another key distinction is not beating YOURSELF.

Don’t overplay your hand and don’t get too flashy for your own good.

If things are going well in an interaction, don’t try to make some massive move that you think will immediately springboard the set into the bedroom.

Take it slow and make sure the moves you’re making are coming from a sturdy foundation of knowledge.

That doesn’t mean you never try to apply creative solutions, but just make sure those solutions make sense within the context of proper technique.

This of course implies that you know the game you’re playing.

Which sounds obvious, but you may be surprised to learn that…

The majority of guys who try to flirt with women in night life do so from a position of nearly no knowledge.

More specifically, their strategy is to drink a ton and hope a girl falls into their lap.

That rarely works.

And if it does, it certainly isn’t repeatable.

Which is why you have to game with specific technique in mind – you have to know the game you’re playing.

In dating, games, and life, it pays to be clutch.

There are certain moments that can make or break a set depending on how well you execute when the pressure is on.

How do you respond when her friends interrupt the set?

How well do you execute pulling her from the club?

When the time is right, are you escalating correctly?

Performing under pressure in these moments is a huge factor that separates victory from defeat.

So, there you have it.

1) Decide to win

2) Don’t lose

3) Know the game

4) Be clutch

Now, go out there and win.

-Todd V

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