I SHOULD Suck With Girls… Here’s Why I Don’t

Have you ever felt like dating and attracting women was an uphill battle?

I felt that way once.

Today, I want to share my personal journey from a shy, introverted teenager to a confident and successful dating coach with over two decades of experience. 

While I generally shy away from sob stories and victim mentality, I believe my story is relevant to the content I share, and it might just inspire you on your own path to success.

Overcoming the Odds

Let’s start with some harsh truths. 

I wasn’t born with movie-star looks, towering height, or an early start in the world of dating. In fact, I’m just an average guy with a baby face and a below-average height of 5’7″. 

To make matters more challenging, I hit puberty late, struggled with acne, and had a somewhat sheltered upbringing.

My parents, though loving, discouraged socializing and partying, promoting a more academically and athletically oriented lifestyle. 

So, I never attended school dances or parties, missing out on crucial social experiences.

Furthermore, I was a perfectionist and had a fear of failure, which held me back from taking risks and approaching girls.

My First Steps Towards Success

Now, let’s fast forward to my late teens when I decided to change my dating life.

Despite my lack of experience, I had one thing going for me – I had already excelled in other areas of my life. I had learned the value of persistence. I learned that success is a process that takes time.

This mindset became the cornerstone of my transformation. I believed I deserved success, just like anyone else. It wasn’t about others being better; it was about my journey of improvement.

Lucky Breaks and Creating a Feedback Loop

I got two lucky breaks that fueled my journey. 

First, while on a school trip to Spain, I was dared to approach an attractive girl, leading to my first real interaction. 

It may not have been smooth, but it was a start. 

Second, when choosing a college, I took the initiative to approach students and ask about their experiences. This led to invitations to parties, dorm rooms, and social gatherings.

These experiences gave me a taste of popularity and the attention of women, and I carried this enthusiasm to college. 

I became enthralled with the excitement of approaching and connecting with women. Every interaction, regardless of the outcome, was a learning experience and an opportunity for growth.

The Key to My Success

The key to my success lay in creating a feedback loop: taking action, learning, and getting excited. 

Whether an interaction went poorly, moderately well, or exceptionally, I always found something positive to take away from it. 

This positive mindset fueled my determination and excitement, making me obsessed with self-improvement in the realm of dating.

Takeaways for Your Journey

So, what can you learn from my story?

Firstly, understand that your attitude and mindset play a crucial role in your dating success.

A positive outlook and the ability to find the good in every situation will keep you motivated and resilient.

Secondly, luck may play a part, but you create your own luck by taking action. 

Fortune favors the bold, and the only way to improve your dating life is by putting yourself out there.

Remember, my journey wasn’t a smooth, effortless ascent; it had its share of stumbles and setbacks. But with a positive mindset, a commitment to improvement, and a little luck along the way, I transformed from a shy, introverted teenager to a confident and successful dating coach.

You can do it too. 

Embrace the journey, stay positive, and take action. Your success is just around the corner.

-Todd V

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