Interview With a Bootcamp Student

In this special episode of the Todd V Show, I spoke to a recent bootcamp student.

He shared his journey in which he went from struggling with approach anxiety to having true abundance, including getting an amazing girlfriend.

At first, the student felt lost. He wasn’t sure why he wasn’t having success with women. He felt he had everything he needed to attract women – personality, looks, etc. But he was unsatisfied with his dating life.

He came on my bootcamp armed with a fantastic positive attitude, and he made massive strides that have stayed with him ever since. 

We started the bootcamp like we usually do, doing a large volume of approaches to melt away that approach anxiety. The student felt that the numerous day game approaches he did really warmed him up for the night game sessions.

Once he got over his approach anxiety, the next thing he needed to work on was making interactions man-to-woman. He tested the boundaries of how much he could verbally escalate, and may have been a bit too polarizing at first, but soon found the sweet spot.

He learned the nuances of man-to-woman interactions including qualifying, vibing, and strong verbal game. 

Perhaps his most significant takeaway was the importance of practicing with intention. 

During the program and afterward, he went out gaming with the specific intention of working on his sticking points. That level of clarity combined with the number of reps he was willing to put in quickly led him to massive abundance and the dating life of his dreams. 

One of the parts of the bootcamp he says he most benefitted from was having his infield recorded and broken down for him. Getting that immediate feedback from coaches and being able to apply it in the field made a huge difference.

Also, very importantly, this student did exactly what I tell students to do after bootcamp. 

He took the 30-day post-bootcamp challenge head on, doing at least three approaches per day. That deliberate practice paid off big-time in terms of pulls but also in helping him find a girlfriend.

If you’re struggling in your dating life like this student once was, don’t be afraid to seek guidance and take action. Whether it’s attending a bootcamp or just committing to regular practice, investing in yourself is always worth it.

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Until next time.

-Todd V

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