My biggest lesson from 23 years of Online Dating

I’ve been doing this for a while. 

Honestly since almost the dawn of online dating…23 whole years.

And in that time, many things have changed and I’ve learned many lessons along the way, as you can watch in this video.

But the biggest lesson is a simple one:

Constant experimentation 

You should be constantly experimenting with damn near everything.

And I really do mean constant. 

I’ve been constantly testing things for all of these two decades and it’s this commitment to experimentation that gets me the craziest results. Like dozens of daily matches and flawless text conversations that sometimes lead to 10 dates in 7 days. 

So what am I actually experimenting with?

Honestly, everything.

Photos are the biggest one. I’m constantly tinkering with photos, taking new photos, having photos taken of me, and finding new photo hacks that nobody else is doing.

Profiles come after photos. In fact, they are kind of like my secret weapon. You really should be constantly refining different profiles. And even throwing away old ones that have grown stale or outdated. 

Last but not least, you should be hacking the apps on a nerd-like level. Experimenting with each platform and even new dating apps that nobody else is using is an absolute game-changerl. Each app has it’s peculiarities, cheatcodes and sweet spots. And it’s up to you to figure them out.

Eventually, after you experiment enough, something cool happens:

You start to genuinely HACK online dating. You start to get results most men do not get. 

Not to mention matches and dates galore.

But only if you commit to the actual process and commit to the mindset of rigorous experimentation. 

I’ve put all of my knowledge from 23 years of experimentation into my new course, Online Dating Academy.

And while I straight up show you all my secrets, I’m also going to teach you the PROCESS for experimentation and optimization. 

Which is the real key to doing it yourself. 

No, it doesn’t happen overnight. But given enough time and the right framework, you can succeed at this in a really major way.

Just keep experimenting,

-Todd V

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