My Secrets to Getting Lucky with Women

My job is to show you how to make game easy.

Your job is to TAKE ACTION on my advice.

If you do, like the guys in a recent Miami Bootcamp, your game can improve MUCH faster than you think.

In our journey toward becoming advanced in game, it’s crucial not to downplay your successes as mere strokes of luck. Success in dating is the result of skill and the right mindset.

The more you develop your game skills, the less luck you will need to close. A beginner may need A LOT of things to go his way in order for him to “get lucky.”

He may need the girl to open him.

Perhaps that girl just got broken up with and is looking for a rebound.

Perhaps that girl’s friends are even ENCOURAGING her to get laid that night to help her get over the breakup.

Not only do advanced guys not NEED luck, but the best of the best can turn difficult obstacles into opportunities, enabling them to close.

Wherever you are on the continuum from beginner to advanced, you need the right mindset.

When things go well, give yourself credit. 

When things go poorly, don’t take it personally. Simply notice the changes that need to be made in the next set and move on.

It always helps to have an abundance mindset.

Think of yourself as a salesman whose business is doing well. When a customer walks into the store, the salesman is happy to explain why the customer should buy the product, but he doesn’t NEED to make the sale.

That’s the mindset you should have in game.

“If you don’t buy the product, that’s fine. Someone else will.”

Now, let’s delve into different vibes that you can bring to interactions.

The “hello old friend” vibe, the authoritative “bouncer” vibe, and the cocky, self-assured vibe are all valid options, each suited to specific situations.

The “hello old friend” vibe is, well, the vibe you’d have with an old friend.

You’re laid back.

You’re comfortable with what you’re bringing to the table.

And you’re expecting a good interaction.

In a loud night club, you may be better off with the “bouncer” vibe where you use your volume and tone of voice to assert an air of authority, which can help bring sets under control in hectic night game environments.

Lastly, you can put yourself into a cocky mood by forcing yourself to smirk. That cocky, self-assured vibe can help break through approach anxiety.

Now, go out into the field, deploy these mindsets and vibes, and watch your results skyrocket.

Because as I said – success is not a stroke of luck. It is the result of you honing your skills through continuous action.

-Todd V

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