The Todd V Show Episode 21: Online Dating Vs. Cold Approach – Which is Better for Meeting Women?


  • Online game vs. cold approach
  • Online game vs. social circle game
  • Quality, quantity, & passive results online


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:30 – Question: Which is better: online game or cold approach?
  • 01:30 – How Todd got into game
  • 04:15 – Online Game vs. Social Circle Game
  • 08:00 – Pros & cons of online game
  • 14:00 – Quality vs Quantity online
  • 16:45 – Which method of game is best based on skill level
  • 21:05 – Having threesomes: online vs. live
  • 22:40 – Get passive results


Todd V: [00:00:00] They did not know that they both hooked up with me. I didn’t know that I had hooked up with the other one’s best friend until I saw in, one of their living room, a picture of the other girl with them. I was like, I didn’t say anything, but like, that’s your best friend. In my mind, I’m like, “Oh, my goodness. You know, I hooked up with your best friend.” And, you know, as far as I know, neither one of them has ever, to this day, knows that that’s the case. So, there is a huge anonymity with online games.

What I think is a very important and very excellent question, both in terms of it being directly useful but also in terms of it being sort of a conduit, a gateway to a lot of really good insights about games. So, without too much further ado, I’m just going to get right into the question.

The question is simple, direct to the point, “What’s better, live game cold approach or online game? Which is the better route to go?” Very simple.

And, if you’ve known me for any length of time and watched my videos, you’ll be like, “Ah, Todd’s just going to say, ‘It depends.’” And I kind of am, and I’m actually kind of not. Because for any individual person, it doesn’t depend so much. For any individual person, there probably will be a clear answer of for you, online is better or for you, live is better. Depending on whether… See, it depends. Depending on where you’re at in your game, depending on what your goals are, that kind of stuff. So, there will be a clear answer for each case, but each case may in fact be different. And that’s because there are pros and cons to both sort of strategies.

So, I made a very conscious effort to get good at meeting girls live. I’d just gone to college. I decided I was going to be social and be popular for the first time in my life. And I started talking to lots and lots of girls. And, I started setting up dates.

I didn’t have a great strategy, but at least I was doing something. I had, at least that I was talking to girls. I was at least asking for numbers, at least asking for dates. I was not doing it well, but I was doing it often. And just through sheer volume of approach, I was able to get about one to two dates a week, which is not too bad overall.

So, that was, you know, that was a positive thing and it was starting to go somewhere for me. However, my dates were not going very well. I was relatively sexually inexperienced. Actually, extremely sexually experienced. I was a virgin who never have been kissed. So, not relatively. I was very sexually inexperienced, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. And putting myself in this, like, formal parameter of a date where I was taking a girl to, like, a formal sit down meal or something like that. It just was not really kicking in for me. I was having a lot of trouble bridging the gap between just conversation and being more sexual, and definitely was having a huge issue with kissing.

I had many, many missed kissing opportunities. I had two very- I’ll tell you two awkward or painful kiss opportunities that I missed back then. The first was, I had a date with a girl, and in my defense, I didn’t think it was the greatest date overall cause it was one of those dates where the girl was really quiet. She was like, the quiet receptive girl, but I just thought she was like, didn’t, wasn’t talking to me much. But anyway, I took her back home and as I was dropping off her door, I made a gesture kind of like this as I was talking. And she goes, “Don’t you think a handshake’s a little too formal for us?” As in like, kiss me, you idiot. And I was like, “Yeah sure. Yeah.” And then, I gave her like, the most like friendly, nice hug and left. Right? So, I just completely like, utterly and totally missed my cue there.

So, that was pretty bad. But the one that really hurt was, I had a girl that I went on like three different dates with, felt like we had really good chemistry, really got along, just incredibly cute. But I just didn’t kiss her, even though there were some blatant, blatant opportunities. And after about three days, she just kinda got tired of it. She realized it wasn’t going anywhere. And then, at the time, I was on our college soccer team, which was kind of a big thing. It was like, you know, our school is very big into sports. It was a nice little status boost for me that I was there.

And it turns out, I happened to get invited to a party by another friend of mine. I went there, this girl who I had been on those dates with was there. And she was there with her boyfriend who was a dude who had been cut from the soccer team and who we kind of all kind of just laughed at. We thought he was like, just kind of a joke. And so, she had been on dates with me and ended up with like, the dude who was a joke. And that’s when I was like, I realized like what the f***? I have got to like, step up cause this is ridiculous.

So, anyway, those were my early kind of live dating days. I did get to the point where I was starting to get some dates, but I was having a really hard time with converting the dates and having them go anywhere.

And I think one thing that I was worried about was the dates were all kind of, they weren’t through a social circle per se. Cause, you know, they’re in colleges- you do meet different people in college, but it was a small school. Right? It was just a college of, I think like 2,500 kids or something like that. So, relatively small school.

And so, I think in the back of my mind, I was really scared of getting a bad reputation, really scared of messing up, scared of rejection, all those kinds of things. It was just there a little bit. And one thing that when I did start doing online kind of freed up for me was that it was truly consequenceless for me. Right? And, this isn’t really an online versus cold approach thing. Cause in theory, if you’re doing random cold approach, it should be relatively consequenceless as well.

But online versus social circle, which I think is a big reason why a lot of people do online game is that you are not within your social circle, you don’t have the consequences, you don’t have the reputation following around. And certainly, especially if you wanted to date multiple people, right? You have multiple long-term relationships or you just don’t want to settle down necessarily. If you’re trying to date within a social circle, you’re very limited in terms of how many girls you can date, who you can date, how you can take them.

Whereas, if you meet girls online, you’re meeting from all these different sources and categories. They all work in different industries, they’re not going to bump into each other. So, it does give a lot more freedom and a lot more ability to, one, have that variety but also, a lot of ability to experiment, which is a huge bonus of online dating.

It’s also a bonus of pure cold approach, but it’s not a bonus as much of unpure cold approach. Meaning, if you did cold approach in the same venue over and over again, like, becoming a regular at that venue and doing cold approach, that could come back to bite you. Or, even if you went to, like, for example, went to the same shopping mall over and over again to pick up girls or something like that, that could bite you in the ass.

So again, one major benefit of cold approach, to an extent, if it’s truly random cold approach, or if you’re truly varying your locations, but especially of online game, is the true randomness of it. The fact that you can, you know, date girls and they won’t even know each other. In fact, it turns out, I had a situation where I dated, I ended up dating two different girls.

One of whom I met on, I met from cold approach. I met her actually on Halloween night when I was living in Los Angeles and we ended up hooking up and sort of dating for awhile. And then, there was another girl who I met online in Los Angeles, who we had, she called it the best first date she’d ever had in her entire life. And, we ended up hooking up as well.

And it turned out that like, these girls were, it turned out they were almost best friends. But, they actually did not know. And, I dated the two girls at slightly different times. Like, within like a few months apart or something like that. But they did not know that they both hooked up with me. I didn’t know that I’d hooked up with the other one’s best friend until I saw, in one of their living room, a picture of the other girl with them. I was like, I didn’t say anything, but like, that’s your best friend. In my mind, I’m like, “Oh, my goodness. You know, I hooked up with your best friend.”

And, you know, as far as I know, neither one of them has ever, to this day, knows that that’s the case. So, there is a huge anonymity with online game because of the fact that you don’t meet in that direct way. You’re not comparing stories and comparing social groups in the same way. So, that is a positive.

Compare that to, I actually had a situation with live game when I was in college where I ended up… One weekend, I had a date for a Saturday and a date for Sunday, and I showed up. And one of them was this Scandinavian blonde girl and the other one was this really cute Asian girl, and Asian girl answered the door.

And I’m like, “Did I get my dates wrong? Like, what’s going on here?” I was just very confused. And she’s like, “No, she’s in the shower. She’ll be ready in a few minutes.” And she like, kind of rolled her eyes and just like went back in the apartment. And weirdly enough, both girls actually went on the date with me. Like, the one girl went on a date with me, and then her roommate went on a date with me the next day. They both went through with it.

One huge, again, one huge thing that online has in its favor, and cold approach to a lesser extent has this favor over social circle, but certainly not in any scale compared to online game, is the anonymity and that ability to actually really try anything, really test anything and have basically, unlimited options. Right?

The amount of girls that go online is essentially infinite. One of my friends was commenting earlier today, cause we were talking about online game. He said he thinks every single girl he knows has been on Tinder at some point, right? It’s hard to find a girl who has not been on Tinder.

Now, that’s not to say they’re all active on Tinder at this moment. It’s not to say that, you know, that every single, like if you see a girl, you could go find her on Tinder right now or something like that. But most girls, at some point in their life, are going to be on Tinder.

So, if you were theoretically active on Tinder with a good profile consistently at all times, you would have any and all of those girls potentially coming across your computer screen or your phone screen. So, that’s kind of a positive thing to think about. However, the issue with that, and we’ll get into a downside of online game is would they actually cross your phone screen? And, would you actually cross their phone screen?

So, the problem, one of the problems with online game is that you don’t have total control over who you meet. So, in live game, any girl that walks by, you can go cold approach her and no one’s really going to stop you. Right? So, every girl is available to you in that way. At least every girl that crosses the same areas you are-every girl that goes to the same places.

Whereas online, it’s debatable whether you’re going to be shown to every girl. A hot girl is getting mashed by so many guys, she can’t really be shown all the guys she’s matching with because it would just be overwhelming for her. She’s already probably matching with too many guys. So, that’s number one.

And then because of that, the algorithm will kind of choose guys who are more attractive, will kind of choose guys whose profiles seem to do better that they rate you as hot. And then, if you’re rated as hot, they’ll show you to girls who are rated as hot and vice versa. And you can circumvent that to some degree by paying, by getting on like some, for example, Tinder platinum or other paid versions of the apps and things like that.

You can also circumvent that to some degree by boosting. So, you can do a lot to make that the case, but still there’s no guarantee they’re going to be presented to the girls you’d like to see especially if you are not there type on paper. So, for example, me, I’m about, you know, 5’7”, 5’8″, something like that, is my height.

So, any girl who puts on her Tinder profile or puts in her selection criteria that she only wants guys over six feet tall, I might not be shown to potentially, right? Or, anyone, I’m now 38, any girl who maybe like, if there’s a girl who’s like, you know, in early twenties and she puts that her limit is 29 for whom she wants to date, I might not be shown to her. So, even if she and I would have attraction, even if we would get along, and even if we’d be able to, you know, to really connect and really be great together, I might not never, I might never see her on the app.

Whereas, in real life, if she’s walking down the street, nothing stops me from walking over, and being my charming self, and meeting her, and picking her up. So, there’s kind of pros and cons to, you know, can you meet everybody through one or the other? To an extent, online is the best for meeting a huge variety of people. But then, in another sense, live is the best for meeting, you know, very selected people and having a lot more volition, having a lot more choice, and a lot more ability to select who you actually meet.

So, again, pros and cons kind of a both. So, anyway, in my own dating history, I will tell you that I got to the point of getting a decent amount of dates from live game, but I was really having trouble with converting those dates. And I think I would have eventually gotten there, but I was a little hesitant because of the semi-social circle nature. And then, I would also kind of just due to timing, you know, the school semesters they end, and then you have this period where you can’t do anything. And so, in order to keep it going, when I was back at home, living with my parents, and there wasn’t really a viable way to go out, in order to stay in practice, I adopted online game.

The good thing that I did get from online was it allowed me to keep training and keep practicing when I couldn’t otherwise. So, for example, if you are a guy who’s busy, you’re doing a lot of work, Et cetera. You can’t really go out as much, maybe on a crazy schedule, maybe you work in an industry like, maybe you’re in the military and you’re around guys all day and you can’t really get out, whatever, you can still go online and you can still generate leads for yourself.

Or, for example, for me, I was at home living with my parents, not going out and doing anything whatsoever social. I could still keep dating and working on my game by going online and meeting girls that way. So, it was a great supplement even very early on. And, because I was able to keep going on dates and eventually as I got good at it, I was able to get a lot of dates very, very quickly. It made me good at dates.

I got to the point where this whole hurdle of like, kissing on the date, I kind of got over it. It was no longer terribly scary for me. It just became, it became the norm. And I, you know, I perfected my dating game, perfected how to go on dates from online. Because, dates from online are fundamentally a little harder than dates from cold approach. On a date from cold approach, you already know the girl, she already knows she likes you, there’s already a vibe there. From online, it’s a little more awkward. So, if you can take online dates and make them consistently turn into something, then taking live dates and turning them into something is just that much easier. Because, again, there’s that extra history, that extra level of comfort, et cetera, that goes along with it.

So, that’s where I literally learned to date. I learned how to get the dates from live game. Although, I could’ve learned it from online game as well. I learned how to do the dates from online game. And then, I went through a lengthy period where in my game, in my live game, I was good at getting phone numbers, good at going on dates, and good at getting results from that. And, I got a lot of results from that.

And during that time, more of the girls I slept with… No, that’s not even actually true. About the same number of girls I slept with were from online versus live during that time. But the online ones were from less time put in, less time invested. So, it was like, more efficient in terms of time.

However, the most attractive girls that I met and the ones I was most into were the ones I was meeting live. And I think that’s just a place, when you’re in kind of intermediate style game, that’s a place a lot of guys are. Where you can meet a decent quantity of girls from online, but you’re not meeting quite the quality. You’re getting a lot of girls that are kind of like, Hmm. You know, they’re cute enough, but whatever. And then, from live, it’s a lot more sporadic. You’re getting fewer results overall, but you know that the girls you walked up and talked to were, you know, were better looking and are, you know, by the time you take their number, you already know them a little bit. You two can already know you have chemistry and whatnot.

So, the experience I’ve had kind of historically, for me, is that when I meet a girl from online, like I have her photos, I have how I picture she’s going to look. Typically, you show up and the girl looks about one point lower than whatever she was online.

So, if she looks like a nine, she’s gonna, you’re gonna show up and she’s gonna be an eight, probably. Something like that. Occasionally, there are situations where it’s a three point curve, and it’s a problem, you just want to get out of there. But most of the time, that’s about what it is. So, what I’d say for online is set your standard at least one point above what it needs to be. Right? If you would date a girl who’s an eight, swipe on girls who would see as nines, right? Or, at least eight and a half. Something like that. If you’d be willing to date a girl that’s a seven, make sure you swipe on girls who are seven and a half, or eight, or up, or something like that.

However, for me, in live game, most times what happens is when I show up on a date, I’m impressed or surprised by how attractive the girl is cause I kind of forgot, like, she was really hot at the time and I was just really, really happy to meet her, but it kind of faded in my memory. And then, when I go meet up with her, I haven’t been looking at her photo, I don’t remember how she looks, and I’m usually pleasantly surprised. So, that’s kind of a better experience that’s happened with live game.

But again, for most guys who are intermediate, if you want a volume of girls, online is going to be much easier to get it than live game. However, if you want quality of girls or if you want the girls you get to, on average, be of higher quality, then you can do that from live game.

However, from online game, just from pure volume, you can get quality. Okay. So, if you have a profile that will consistently attract sevens and eights, you will also occasionally attract a nine who happens to just resonate with certain things. Like, maybe you just happened to be her type physically, right?

Maybe she’s like, for me, she just likes, like, blue eyed guys or something like that. Or, maybe like, she’s an Asian girl and she’s just into white guys. And so, like, I’m competing, not with everybody, but with like, the white guys who also, you know, swiped on Asian girls, whatever. So, maybe there’s a niche reason why you’re getting higher quality or maybe it’s just random, you know, luck of the draw, occasionally you get the hotter girl.

And so, you definitely can get quality from online. But it tends to be quality through quantity for a lot of guys because it would be just depressing if you, you know, swiped for days, and days, and never got any matches. And then, you get that one nine, you know, six months in, or a month in, or whatever, and you’re out of practice, haven’t been on a date, et cetera.

So, usually, the way it happens for guys online is they’re getting volume and then they get sporadic quality within that volume. So, that’s pretty typical for intermediate guys. I’m getting good results from both, right? I’m getting good results from online, more quantity than quality, but some of both. And I’m getting good results from live, more quality than quantity, but some of both.

But a major thing was, in my live game, I was still going through a methodology that was get a phone number, take them on a date, and then close. One of the major projects I undertook was how to take a girl home same night.

And especially when I moved to Vegas around 2013, that’s what I had to learn, which was how to take her home same night. Cause in Vegas, that’s all there is. And once I got good at that, then not only could I meet higher quality from cold approach, I was truly meeting the girl and selecting, and only talking to girls I considered attractive enough and who turned me on and stuff. But then, I could actually take them home same night, so I didn’t have to wait until later.

And, that night out doing cold approach became potentially as efficient in terms of sleeping with a girl as doing an online date. And then, on top of it, I could get more numbers along with it, not in Vegas, but in other cities, that could actually pan out to something as well. And so, that became, it became kind of an issue where cold approach became significantly better for me. But that only occurred at an advanced level, right?

So, at a beginner level, I would say that they were relatively equivalent. If anything, online game was a little bit better. At an intermediate level, I’d say they were almost like, flat equivalent with just, is there a preference towards quality or quantity? If there’s a slight quantity preference, go for online. If there’s a slight quality preference, go for live.

But honestly, if you’re intermediate, you absolutely should be doing both because you’re going to get great results from both. And, you’re going to get very equivalent results from both. Very, very, you know, matching results from both where one is not clearly better than the other. And then, at an advanced level, I got to a point where the live results just became so much better than the online results. It just became kind of silly to go online.

But again, that didn’t happen until not just on advanced level, but like a level where I’d been in game for, at this point, like, thirteen to fifteen years. Right? So, that was a very, very advanced level before that really became an issue, before that became a thing.

And so, my preference, you know, of late has been strongly, strongly for live game and for cold approach. However, even during this time, when my preference was strongly for live game and cold approach, I did utilize online for certain things.

In particular, if I ever move, one thing I absolutely do, like, cause I’ve moved around and lived in a bunch of different cities. One thing I absolutely do whenever I move is I go online in that city, and I basically game online for about two weeks in that city before I moved there. That way, when I hit the ground running in the new city, I get there and I already have girls into me. I already have dates lined up.

And I find, for me, personally, it really gives me this really amazing momentum in the city. Cause I get there and it’s not like, there’s this transition period of “Oh, I’m lazy. I’m moving all my boxes in.” And then, “Oh, I don’t know where to go out,” and all this kind of stuff. I hit the ground running. I start dating girls. I have abundance from day one. I’m also learning where the coolest spots are, what the things to do are from day one. And, it really gives me a nice transition into the new city. So, that’s an area where even when I got this advanced level, going online was just really nice for me to accumulate that abundance before I even land in the city.

I would also do it occasionally if I was going to a city for a program. Like, I’m going for a weekend program or something like that. And I know I’m going to be very busy, but I wouldn’t mind meeting a girl. And, that can definitely help. I know specifically, when I’ve done programs in Asia, I did programs in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore, those are the three. So, when I’ve done programs over there, I know that specifically having an online dating presence going over there helped tremendously.

Because in my experience in those places, especially when there were language barriers and things like that was, I had absolutely no problem with attracting girls, but I had a lot of problems with logistics when I didn’t know the language, and I had a lot of problems with girls’ social circles and friends being protective. Because, you know, I’m some stranger guy that barely speaks the languages, it is a little weird for a girl to go home with me.

But from online, I was able to get through those logistical obstacles and get really, really great results consistently on those trips. As opposed to being hit or miss as it would be from like, a live game perspective when you don’t quite know the culture, you don’t quite know the logistics, you don’t quite have everything, you know, all your ducks in a row when you’re starting off. I assume if I were in those cities longer than over time as I got more used to it, the cold approach would eventually become superior to the online game again. But I do know that when you’re in a place for a very short period of time, and you want a volume of leads, and you want like, logistics to be much better for you, then that is definitely the case.

Also, speaking of logistics, another thing that I’ve done both online and cold approach is have threesomes. Right? Me and my girlfriend, we’ve had like, a couple dozen threesomes, I think. Most of them from live. At least two that I can recall from cold, sorry, at least two that I can recall from online. Maybe more, but at least two from online.

But the thing that we noticed with that is getting a girl attracted to a couple is extremely easy. It’s a huge turn on for girls. Girls are very into, like, the kinky experimental stuff in general.Even girls, you wouldn’t think would be, very, very much into it. But logistics is massively hard. As hard as logistics are with one-on-one game, threesome game, it’s way, way, way harder, way, way, way, way more difficult.

Cause, the girl thinks she’s being judged way more, and she thinks it’s more of a scene, and things like that. So, getting girls attracted and doing threesomes live is one of the most incredibly fun experiences you will ever have in your entire life, and you wouldn’t want to like, miss that for anything. But the one thing with getting threesomes from online is that the logistics are much easier, it’s a lot smoother process overall. But the getting attraction part’s a little bit harder, and the transition of how to set that whole thing up is a little harder.

I’m not going to go too much into threesome online game right now. That’s something I can do in another video, or I might do it in another area. But I will say, again, the logistical part is much easier with the online. Whereas, other parts, like the attraction part and things like that are maybe easier live.

But anyway, that’s been my story and that’s why, again, over the past several years, you have seen me doing a lot of live stuff and not a lot of online stuff. However, of late, as you may have seen in recent videos that I put out, I have switched over to doing a lot more online. Why? Because girls are just not out as much, right? And the hardest part of live game, like cold approach game, has always been finding girls of significant quality. And, that gets harder and harder the higher your bar is, so to speak. The higher caliber girl you’re looking for, the harder it is to find girls of that caliber. So, you know, it’s just, if you can’t find the girls out, if nightlife’s not happening, et cetera, well, then, online becomes kind of the go-to option. Or, it becomes a good option.

And the other thing with online that I’ve always kind of spoken about is that you can do it in your spare time. So, for guys that are busy and want to do some kind of game, one thing I recommend is, let’s say you’re in like, some big corporate job, and you work crazy hours, and you’re trying to get promoted, and all that kind of stuff.

Well, you’ll probably have a lot of meetings that are bullshit. Right? You have a lot of meetings you have to sit in, you have to be present, but they’re kind of bullshit. And now especially with these online meetings, Zoom meetings, et cetera. You’re just sitting on a computer, doing nothing. Well, what I would do and what I do do when I have those kinds of meetings often is I will sit there and I will swipe during that meeting. Right?

In fact, I basically don’t swipe on my own time. Right? I will swipe when I have nothing better to do or there’s something else going on and my time is literally already spoken for. So, for example, there’s a Zoom meeting, I’ll put on  Tinder, put on a boost, and I’ll just swipe during the meeting.

And that’s like, that’s my social life for like two, three days. That’s it, right? That’ll get me enough leads that I can message, go on a couple of dates, and I’m good to go just from that. Right? That’s pretty awesome in terms of time efficiency. And so, that’s the major thing nowadays when I’m, you know, I’d like to say, world-class at live approach, and my quality is really good, and I can go out and pull a girl most nights if I’m trying to, that kind of eclipses online game in a lot of ways. But one way which it will never eclipse online game is no matter what in cold approach, you have to put in time to get results.

In online game, you do not have to put in time to get results. In online game, you can truly get passive results. Right? One thing I did recently, I set up a new account on Hinge. I put on a boost on Hinge, I got fifteen matches the first day. Right? And I didn’t even, I did not even bother swiping. I only just looked at the girls that matched with me. And of those fifteen, not all of them were tens, right? Not even most of them were tens, but a lot of them were, you know, eights and whatnot. So, like, girls that most guys would be massively happy with and girls that are objectively very cute, right?

Not all stunning models or whatever, but fifteen matches in a day of whom, you know, more than half are like, hot without doing anything. Literally, you just set your setting and forget it, and you got fifteen matches? That’s incredible. Try matching that from live game, it’s very, very hard to do. So, the time efficiency of online is incredible.

And a lot of people will complain about the, you know, the quality from online, there are all these girls that are not that attractive. Just don’t swipe on those girls. Or, just when they match with you, just, you know, unmatch with them. It’s not a big deal. It’s all passive anyway.

So, you know, if you’re getting two hot matches a day passively, who cares that it’s only two? You didn’t put any effort for it. It’s completely passive. And that’s the beauty of online game is that passive nature. Once you have it set up, right? You do have to get over the threshold.

Most guys online don’t get results. Most guys online get nothing. They get, like, matched with a few girls that are really unattractive, or they get no matches at all, or they message and the girl goes immediately silent, because they don’t know what they’re doing. But if you know what you’re doing, if you actually know how to start getting results, it’s just a matter of scaling and you can get pretty much infinite results.

And then, you can learn how to make your results passive. If you even want to take active results and make them passive, there are ways to do it. I’ve had times in the past where I’ve hired a virtual assistant to literally do the equivalent of swiping for me. I gave him a swipe criteria, so to speak. He swiped for me. And then, I only bothered even looking at the girls that matched with me. Things like that are doable from online. You certainly can not do that live. I mean, I guess you could, I guess you could hire up a club promoter to like, promote a party at your house or something. I guess you could do that live, but it’s much easier to do online.

And so, that volume and that lack of effort thing will always make online better than live in a certain, to a certain extent, right? In terms of pure quality, if you get to an advanced, advanced level, live will be better than online. If you’re intermediate, you absolutely should do both. If you’re a beginner, you absolutely, 100% should do both because you’re going to get really good results from both, and you’re going to learn good lessons from both, right?

The skills you learn doing cold approach will make your dates better online. The skills you learn doing dates online will carry over to all your cold approach dates, and will be super critical for you when it comes time to learn how to escalate, close the deal, all those kinds of things.

All right. Learn both. Do both until you get to an extremely advanced level at which point, you can choose your preferences. But at that point, I don’t need to give you advice. If you’ve gotten advanced at both, you can honestly make your own decision, and it will be an informed one. So, from there, you know, I’ll leave you to your own devices once you get advanced at both.

Thanks again for tuning in, guys. Hope you enjoyed the content. As I’ve mentioned, online dating, while it’s always been, you know, a very viable thing, has been one of the most viable things of late. So, that’s why you’ve seen a lot of online dating content.

Along which lines, if you want to check out my free text messaging guide, go to It’s going to tell you how I go about messaging girls no matter what they say, and how to go all the way from ‘hello’ to a date. So, I highly recommend you get that.

I also recommend asking me your questions. If you’re listening to this on the podcast, send your questions to Love audio questions, but I’ll take written questions as well. Or, if you’re watching this on YouTube, put your questions below and I will, I’ll get to at least some of them.

So, I appreciate the viewership. I appreciate the questions. And, I will see you guys next time. Take care.






































































































































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