You’ve been lied to.

Society told you that looks, money, and status (LMS) are REQUIRED to have a successful dating and sex life.

You “need” the washboard abs.

You “need” the nice car.

You “need” to have massive social clout.

All of that is supposedly a prerequisite to the dating life of your dreams.

Except it isn’t.

Yes, looks can sometimes get your foot in the door, but without fine-tuned social skills, you’ll get shut out very quickly.

And lots of guys believe they’re either good-looking or not, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Get in the gym, get in the barbershop, and improve your wardrobe. Lots of guys sell themselves so short without giving themselves a shot to look their best.

In terms of attracting women, money functionally serves the same purpose as looks.

Buying a Lamborghini to impress women may get your foot in the door.

But if you pull up next to a girl with a boring and lame personality, you just spent $200,000 for no reason.

She won’t care, she won’t be interested.

Because your game, or lack thereof, revealed your true, low-value colors.

And that’s where status comes into play.

Because status does matter, a lot.

But not the “status” that society tries to sell you.

You see, status is actually just the relative standing between two people

And the bedrock of good game is the ability to adjust, convey, and demonstrate status – the relative standing between you and the girl.

So, yes, you’ve been lied to.

But that’s actually great news.

Because the truth is that generating status is a skill you can learn.

Click the link below to see the full truth.


00:00 – Intro

01:25 – Lie #1.

05:00 – Money.

08:12 – How to gain STATUS

12:00 – How to use game to be high value.

17:00 – Why game works.

18:30 – LMS?

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