The Laws of State and Sexual Transference

In my latest podcast, I delved deep into the concept of state transference, a technique that can profoundly improve your results in game.

State transference, in its essence, is the subtle yet powerful transfer of emotions or arousal from you to a woman. This transfer of energy can silently shape the course of your interactions.

And no, this isn’t some mystical thing. The energy is “transferred” because it affects how you interact with her… but it certainly can SEEM like magic when it works.

On a recent bootcamp, a student and I approached two girls at a bar. I gamed the hotter one well, and she was into me. When we got back to our hotel, however, I was able to put my student in a position to succeed with her. Since I had done a good job of getting the girl into an aroused state, things ended up going well for her and my student.

It’s of course interesting to note that she remained aroused despite the fact that I was no longer in her presence.

The same thing happened when I was in Vegas with one of my early mentors in game. He had gamed a girl very well and she was into him as a result. He approached me with the girl and tried to show off how well he had gamed her. She picked up on this and noticed how nonchalant I was in response to his attempts to impress me. The positive energy from the set then transferred over to me, and she suddenly became attracted to me as a result.

What strikes me most is how state transference transcends compatibility. 

Even in interactions where compatibility is lacking, the presence of a higher-value guy could spark heightened arousal and interest. It underscores the importance of understanding and leveraging this phenomenon in game.

Transference can be used in all forms of game. It can also be used in other social situations, such as  the workplace. 

For those eager to witness state transference in action and hone their game skills, joining a bootcamp could prove invaluable, as you’ll hear on the podcast.

Next time you’re out in the field, remember to deploy transference to take your game to the next level. 

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Until next episode.

-Todd V

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