The Todd V Show Episode 16: Getting Better Quality Matches on Tinder & Is Tinder Gold Worth It?


  • Gaming hot influencers & Tinder top picks
  • You need a POLARIZING bio
  • Why premium accounts WORK


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:40 – Question: How do I game high-value online women?
  • 02:23 – Customizing your profile to your TYPE
  • 06:25 – POLARIZE for hotter matches
  • 12:20 – Polarizing online dating bios
  • 17:33 – Question: Is Tinder Gold worth it?
  • 19:38 – Why premium accounts ACTUALLY WORK
  • 29:29 – Always TEST new things in game


Todd: [00:00:00] There is definitely a strong bias towards never paying for anything ever, which I think is a hindrance. Right? There are a lot of guys that are like, “I never buy a drink for a girl.” And I’m like, “Well, you could’ve got laid for ten bucks if you just bought a drink for that girl. So, congratulations, you kept your integrity, and you failed.

So, there is a strong bias there, and there’s definitely a strong bias that, like, if I pay for Tinder gold or if I pay for the premium on whatever dating site, that I’m supplicating. I’m bending over backwards and being needy for girls. Maybe. There’s also this idea that, like, if I pay cover for a club, I’m paying for sex. Maybe. But if that’s where the hot girls are, and your time’s valuable, maybe it’s worth it.

Okay. So, today’s first question, this comes from someone whose initials are R.D. So, thank you, R.D., whoever you are. And he says, “How do I game high value online women like influencers, top picks on Tinder, et cetera.”

And this is an interesting question because it’s one of those questions where my initial response is, “That’s a dumb question.” And then, I thought about it, I’m like, “Actually, it’s not quite as dumb a question as it first seems.” And the reason why at first I was like, “That’s a dumb question,” is that the answer is, you have good game. Right? How do you pick up hot girls? Have good game. All right. End of answer, right? Use, refer to all previous advice given, refer to all following advice given. There is no special thing to do, and that is very, very true.

If you have photos that make you look attractive, they look, make you look attractive to women across the board. They make you look kind of attractive to all women. If you have a bio that is intriguing and gets attention, it’s going to be intriguing and get attention kind of across the board. Right?

So, a good bio versus a bad bio is going to get you more hot girls. It’s also gonna get you more, just sort of cute girls. It’s also going to get you more so-so girls, et cetera. It’s pretty much just going to get you more girls period. And of that more girls you’re getting, some of them will be hot, and that’s how you get your hot girls.

And that pretty much is the most common way. And, overall, the way that most guys do succeed with online dating is they just have a pretty good bio, have pretty good photos, and they get what they get, and they get matched with girls that are some of them kind of average, some of them attractive, and some of them really hot.

And on sites where you’re swiping on who you’re swiping on, if you swipe on hot girls, you are going to get a bunch of hot matches. If you swipe on hot girls and cute girls, you’re gonna get hot and cute matches, and kind of a mix. And that’s just kind of how it works. Okay.

Here’s where it’s not a dumb question. Because, there are things you can do in your profile to tailor it to certain types of girls. So, there are things you can do in your profile to tailor it towards more conservative girls or more kinky girls. There are things you can do in your profile to tailor it towards girls who are more educated or girls who are less educated, girls who party more or girls who are more serious about their jobs. Right?

There are different things like that. Even your site selection, to an extent, can feed into that one. But definitely, you can write your profile, you can choose your photos in such a way. Because each time you put something in your profile, each time you choose a particular photo, or you add a photo to your profile, or you just choose to have a particular photo taken in the first place, you are deciding a message. You’re deciding an idea of you that you’re putting out into the world for girls to grasp onto, and for that to be the reason why they might say, ‘Yes’ to you. Right?

So, if you choose to play the persona of bad-ass tattooed, jacked guy on a motorcycle, that’s going to get a different type of girl than if you play the persona of successful elites businessman, who’s kind of aloof and has high standards in the world.

Both are attractive, both are definitely attractive personas, but they are different attractive personas and so, you’re going to get different girls with them. And so, in trying to get the hottest girls, the next thing that you can do is if you want a particular type of hot girl, you can cater to that persona.

So, if you want hot girls that go to the bars a lot and party a lot, which there are a lot of hot girls that are in that category, well, you can design your profile to be more about partying and going out, and you can have pictures of you partying, and those kinds of things. And you shouldn’t look very straight laced, and straight edge, and by the book, because that would be a turnoff to those types of girls.

On the other hand, if your version of what a high caliber girl is involves her working hard and having a good job, you might want to do the opposite. You might want to convey being a little more responsible. You don’t want to convey being boring. You don’t wanna be so responsible, you’re boring, but you might want to convey that, at least, you have some form of, means of income in your life. Or, that you are somewhat successful even if you don’t get into the, ‘how the soup is made,’ so to speak.

So, another part of it is you can cater to a particular type of girl, and certain types of girls are hotter than others. So, if you were to cater to extremely nerdy girls who were into, like, Dungeons and Dragons, there are girls like that out there, and they might really like that profile. But, on average, they’re going to be less hot than if you catered to the girls that are bottle service girls, or professional models, or something like that, in terms of how you’re conveying yourself in your profile. So, that’s a part of it as well.

Then, there is the final piece, which I would call it the sort of leveling polarizing piece. And this has to do with catering to specific girls at first, and then it has to do with overall attractiveness second. So, in terms of leveling yourself, what will attract a seven versus a ten, and again, you can define that any way you want. You can do that just purely based on physical attractiveness and this will correlate. Or, you can do it based on physical attractiveness and other desirable qualities, and this will still correlate.

In any case, as long as you’re making a measurement on, whatever metric that one girl is more desirable than another, and as long as you’re consistent and correct in that distinction, this rating of higher caliber and lower caliber will hold. And in that case, the higher caliber girl will have more options, more choices, and will respond to different things. And, that’s the whole concept of leveling.

So, the girl who’s a “seven,” in quotes, will typically go for a guy who’s around a seven and a half, eight, eight and a half. The girl who’s a “ten,” again in quotes, cause you’re ten is different than everybody else’s ten, and who knows what? Right?

 The girls who have fewer options and are going for a guy that’s a point or two above them, the seven that’s going for the eight and a half, is going to respond as different things than the ten who’s looking for also a ten. And, you can change things in your profile to do this.

And here, I’m going to give you real evidence. Well, sort of real evidence, I’m going to give you real anecdotal evidence. And this comes from my own experience in doing online dating. When I first started out, I was not very polarizing at all. And I got very few matches because I just didn’t get attention, I didn’t get noticed. I wasn’t particularly funny. I wasn’t particularly interesting. I was just that guy that blended in. It was like every other guy trying to impress through the things that are resume, and boring, and supposed to be impressive. So, I got a few matches, but not very many.

And then, I decided to try something based on advice that I was getting out of the pickup community early on and different people who were advising on online dating, and I got a little more polarizing. And then, suddenly, I got more matches. And not just a few more matches, I got a lot more matches. Probably four times to ten times as many matches as I was before. And, I started to get some matches that were actually kind of cute. And, you know, this was big progress.

So, given that that worked, so, I wasn’t polarizing, I got polarizing, I got more matches and hotter matches. What would you do in this case? Well, you would probably get more polarizing, which is exactly what I did. I ratcheted it up, got a little bit more polarizing. So then, I did it again. I ratcheted it up, got super polarizing, and I got fewer matches. But I got more hot matches, which is very interesting, which is really, really interesting.

What happened there? What happened once I went from polarizing, to super polarizing, to really super polarizing? Well, what happened was the girls who were in that category of like, the sweet sevens and eights who, you know, they’re getting some attention from guys, but not from maybe the hottest guys. And, they kind of know where they’re at. They know that they’re cute. They know that they have options. But, they also are a little intimidated by a guy who is just conveying himself, very playerish. They’re a little intimidated by a guy who they don’t think they could keep. They’re a little intimidated by a guy who comes across, like he’s getting a ton of attention from a ton of other girls and might not stick around.

And so, they drop out of the mix. And so, maybe, for example, my previous profile that was less polarizing, I was getting maybe for X amount of work, I was getting ten matches. And then, of those ten matches, maybe one and a half to two of them would be super hot. Right?

Now, all of a sudden, when I got more polarizing, now, I was getting five matches. But of those five matches, three of them were hot, right? Something like that. And that’s probably not exactly the right ratio, but it’s the right direction. So, you get the idea, which is, I got actually fewer matches, but I still got more hot matches.

So then, I ratcheted it up one more time. And then, I basically just got no matches of any kind, including the hot one. All right. So, the point is, there is a certain sweet spot. There’s a certain sweet spot for getting girls at all, right? If you’re too on polarizing and boring, you will basically get nothing. If you’re kind of cool, and funny, and witty, and a little bit polarizing, you’ll start to get decent girls, and decently cute girls, and the occasional hot girl who happens to just resonate with your personality, with what you’re putting out there. If you go a little bit more polarizing, you will get fewer girls, but you may get more hotter girls. Or, you may just get the same number of hotter girls, and the ratio of what you’re getting is hot or whatever.

But, in theory, there is a spot where you actually are getting fewer girls, but you’re actually getting more of the hot ones. Right? And that’s kind of where I like to play with my profile, cause I’m a lot more into quality than I am into quantity. There are other guys that are different. There are plenty of guys, even guys that have been in game for a long time and they’re really, really into quantity, and they would actually prefer to just have the ten matches of whom one and a half or two of them are hot as opposed to I’ll take the five matches of whom three of them are hot. Right? If that were my two choices, but that’s a personal choice.

And then, if you go too far, now you’ve just gone so polarizing that it’s uncalibrated. There’s a range of polarization that is essentially a good game. If you’re below this, it’s bad game. If you’re above this, it’s bad game. And then, there’s a range in here. And if you want the hottest girls specifically, you just don’t want girls in general or cute girls, but you want specificly the hottest girls, you should play towards this end of the range, toward the more polarizing end of the range.

It’s probably the opposite for you as you’re watching this, but regardless. Towards the polarizing end of the range, you’re going to get more hot girls. Okay. So, that’s what you want to do, ideally. To get hot girls, you want to play it a little more polarizing. And, one takeaway from this, so, obviously, that’s how you get hot girls. Be a little more polarizing, take more risks, stand out a little bit more.

I will give you two caveats. The first caveat is already baked in, which is, if you go too polarizing, it doesn’t work at all. Right? That is number one. Number two is if you go too polarizing, it may not work for a different reason other than turning girls off. It may not work because you’re going to hurt yourself with the algorithm of whatever site you’re on.

So, if you were on a particular site and you are offending girls to the point that they complain about you and unmatch you, the algorithm doesn’t like that. The algorithm wants as many users to be happy, and wants as many cute or hot girls to be happy as possible. So, if you’re offending girls and getting complained about, that’s going to hurt you. You’re going to get leveled down by the algorithm.

So, you don’t want to go so polarizing that you are flat out bad game. You also don’t want to go so polarizing that you are flat out offensive and getting negative feedback. So, you want to go pretty much polarizing just short of that. And, if in doubt, the difference between a really good, somewhat, polarizing profile and an extremely polarizing profile is not that huge.

Maybe you’ll get time and a half as many hot matches or something like that, which is totally doable. Either way, you’re going to be filling your calendar. You’re going to have more hot dates than you can handle. You don’t really need to push it to the absolute extreme. So, I wouldn’t recommend pushing it to the absolute, absolute extreme, but I would recommend trying to ratchet it up a little bit and seeing what your results are. Right?

So, if you ratchet up the polarization and get massively better results, ratchets more, ratchets more, ratchets more. When you start to get diminishing returns, when you ratchet up the polarization and don’t see an increase in your results, that’s probably hitting the sweet spot. That’s probably about where you want to stay in terms of meeting and getting the hottest girls.

So, how polarizing is too polarizing? Well, like I said, your results are going to tell you, right? If you ratchet it up and get better results, keep ratcheting it up. Here are some specific examples from my own sort of history in terms of polarizing that worked or didn’t work.

So, polarizing that didn’t work at all was just putting out a resume and the typical stuff every guy’s doing. So, the first level of polarizing profile that kind of got me results, it was actually from, it was a template version that I got from a guy named David D’Angelo in, like, around year 2000 or something like that.

And essentially, the template was, “You’re probably getting forty-seven messages a day from a bunch of guys saying, [insert lame thing],” whatever that lame thing is. “Well, I’m a bit different. I am…” And then, a couple of interesting qualities that are kind of like, a little bit bad-ass, like, a little bit adventurous, and I’ve done this one crazy thing, or something like that. And then, “So, if you think you can keep up, let’s talk.” Something like that as a profile. So, it’s a little bit challenging. It’s prizing yourself. It’s saying that you have certain standards in girls. It’s indicating that you’re aware of her getting a lot of messages, which means you either talk to girls online before or you’re getting a lot of messages yourself so you can relate.

So, there are some high value things in there. And it is a little polarizing in the fact that you’re taking the stance, that you’re high value. You’re taking the stance that she should chase you. But it’s not particularly polarizing or offensive.

And that got me a decent number of matches, many of whom were cute. Not a ton of whom were tens, but there were a lot of cute girls. And, that’s where I really started my online dating career. And that’s where I started getting results was with profiles kind of that nature.

Then, when I started getting really good at dating in general, and really kind of made online dating my own, and came up with my own style, what I started doing was I started taking more polarizing phrases. A lot of times, I’d take quotes from movies, or TV, or things like that that were particularly polarizing and interesting, and then, I’d merge them into a profile.

So, one of the profiles that got me a lot of results back in the day, this was back when profiles had headlines. But the headline in this profile said, “Life’s too short to dance with fat chicks.” So, a little bit polarizing, a little bit more polarizing than the whole “You’re probably getting forty-seven messages a day,” thing. All right. And then, the followup line, once they open the profile was, “So, you read my headline and felt indignant, drop the fork and get lost.” Right? Something like that, which is extra polarizing on top of it.

So, that’s pretty polarizing. It did get me good results. I don’t actually recommend going to that polarizing these days because a lot of guys have picked up the polarizing thing, and while that is polarizing, it’s a little uncalibrated and obvious. So, you want to be polarizing in a more subtle way than that. But, that is something that did get me results back in the day, in a very big way.

Another two lines that kind of come to mind that got me results back in the day. One was a quote from a celebrity. It said, “I think women should be like bank notes. So you should be able to trade a forty for two twenties.” Right? So, that’s basically saying like, it’s prizing younger more, more physically attractive women, so to speak. And, it’s definitely a politically incorrect type of a thing to say, so it’s definitely polarizing. Again, be careful with that one about being too offensive. This was back when that was less of a concern, and that was less of a deal with the algorithms. But it certainly worked back in the day, and it certainly was polarizing.

Another one that I’ve used, and this one actually, I still do use occasionally. Not in every profile, but I have used it within the last few years in a profile or two. And this one is, “Don’t be too politically correct to be good in bed.” Right? So, it’s a little bit polarizing, it’s a little bit sexualizing, but it’s not super, super over the top. It’s certainly not quite as offensive as, “Life’s too short to dance with fat chicks,” or the “Trade a forty for two twenties” kind of a line.

All right. So, those are levels of polarizing. Now, the absolute most polarizing profile that I ever got to work, and this is not one you can repeat. But what I actually did was I put out a profile where I put a link to my YouTube channel, which was me teaching guys how to meet women, and then I basically said like, “I’m in a relationship with a bisexual girl who’s hotter than you, and you can’t compete. So, please, message me only if…” and it’s like, “If you’re not willing to just be friends, you want to be shared by me and my girlfriends, or, you’re in town for one week and are fine with poking up and never seeing me again,” basically. Right?

So, that was the full on brazen, like, just in your face, super polarizing profile. In some ways, it’s polarizing in a good way cause it’s saying I’m very attractive, it’s saying I’m not an idiot, it’s saying I already have a girl. On another level, it’s polarizing in a bad way. Because anytime you’re saying that you teach game, it does come off a little bit, like, anything you say might have an agenda and you might not be the most trustworthy, et cetera.

How did this profile do? Did it get me a lot of matches? No, it did not. Did it get me hot matches? Kind of. Like, the girls that messaged me, some of them were pretty hot. But they weren’t as hot as with some of the other profiles, they weren’t like full on tense. But what this profile did get, which is instructive, is it got girls that were extraordinarily extraordinarily DTF from the first message. Or, basically, they’d messaged me and they were basically like, “Okay, I’ll have sex with you now.

So, that was good. And the girls were at least cute to hot, but they were not like, tens. They were like, eights and the occasional nine or something like that. And again, that’s not when you could really probably emulate cause you probably don’t have a YouTube channel with tons and tons of subscribers and a lot of good content. Albeit polarizing content.

But that’s extremely extreme polarizing to the point of being probably too polarizing and turning off most girls, getting a lot of “What’s wrong with the world?” “I hate you.” “You’re a terrible human being,” et cetera, kind of comments from girls. And then, a few girls being like, “So, I basically decided to sleep with you.” Not in those words, but essentially.

Okay. So, that gives you an idea of some of the range of polarizing things that I’ve tried over the years, and to what degree they either worked or didn’t work.

All right, next question we have, and this is coming from Jim, so thank you, Jim. It’s very simple. It says, should I pay for premium Tinder gold, et cetera.

All right. So the question is, should you pay for Tinder gold? Is it worth it? Is it a rip off, et cetera? And I do want to say that within the community of guys who are learning and studying game, there is definitely a strong bias towards never paying for anything ever. Which I think is a hindrance, right?

There are a lot of guys who are like, I never buy a drink for a girl. And I’m like, well, you could’ve gotten laid for 10 bucks if you just bought a drink for that girl. So congratulations, you kept your integrity and you failed. So there is a strong bias there, and there’s definitely a strong bias that like, if I pay for Tinder gold or if I pay for the premium on whatever dating site that I’m, supplicating, I’d bending over backwards and being needy for girls.

Maybe there’s also this idea that like, if I pay cover for a club I’m paying for sex maybe, but if that’s where the hot girls are and your time’s valuable, maybe it’s worth it. All right. So the first thing I want to do is I want to disabuse you of this idea that never spending opinion game is the right way to go.

It may feel philosophically good, and you feel like morally pure, but you’re just not again, not going to get the same results and you’re not being as efficient. So get rid of that idea in general. Now, the question though is, um, is. Tinder gold specifically worth it. Um, and, uh, in general, um, probably the more important question is paying for stuff on dating sites generally worth it.

Um, and the answer is, of course it depends because each and every dating site and each, and every thing they’re going to pay for are a little bit different. However, in general, is it worth it probably, it’s probably worth it in most cases now, obviously it’s not worth it if it’s crazy expensive, right?

Like you could go to the extreme with this and pay like 50 grand for a matchmaker to set you up on dates with a few, a few girls that are like hand-picked, whatever, um, that may or may not like you and me may not may or may not get along with and you’re out like shit, tons of money. And I know some very, very rich guys who have done that.

And for some of them, it may have worked for a lot of them. It didn’t. And for some of them, they kind of worked in and they got gold digged and it didn’t work out. And who knows? Right. So there are extremes that I’m not saying you should blindly pay for everything. You certainly should not do that. And you certainly should not pay for super expensive things of that ilk.

However, you have to understand how dating sites work. They are businesses, right? They make money somehow. They’re not just there for free. Right? Sometimes, sometimes when a dating sites just starting, they’re trying to get traction and get a user base. They’ll start out being relatively free. Tinder started out being free, for example.

But over time they got to make money. They are a business. How do they make money? Well, they make money by people paying for things. So if that’s the case, do you think they want to make their paid members happy? Yeah, I’d say they do right. You have this guy over here. Who’s not paying the bills. This guy over here, who’s paying the bills.

Who do you think they care more about keeping on the site? Probably guys paying the bills. How did they keep them on the site? By giving them good matches. Okay. So that’s what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to keep the people on the site that are most valuable to the site. And who’s valuable to the site guys who were paying for stuff.

Girls who are paying for stuff even more maybe, and then hot girls basically. And to some tiniest extent, hot guys, but not even because there are plenty of guys out there, um, that the girls are going to be pretty happy overall. There, there may be some super hot guys that are catering and keeping some hot girls on the site and helping out.

But for the most part, you’re not going to get that kind of leverage unless you’re just like the extreme of the extreme as a guy. So for the most part, they want to keep the paying customers. So what do they do for the paying customers? They do a couple of things. Number one, they show you two more people.

Number two, they show you 200 people. Um, number three, they show hotter people to you. So think of it this way. Think of Tinder, right? If you are an unpaid member versus a paid member, paid member is going to be shown more. Attractive girls, both in terms of more attractive and individual growth, being hotter and also a greater quantity of hot girls, both versions of more attractive, they’re showing you more attractive and more attractive girls.

Um, so they’re going to cater to that, right? They’re going to make sure that when you match with a girl that it’s, you’re put closer to the top of their queue, right? Imagine a female fitness model or something like that. Um, on, on Tinder, how many guys do you think are slight swiping left on her? Probably not that many.

And even if it’s a few, how many guys do you think are swiping? Right. Tons and tons and tons, right. That girl could swipe all day. If she’s being shown to guys regularly and every single week match, match, match, match, match. Right. Um, so she doesn’t need, she’s not going to see every guy. She’s not going to see every guy who swipes on her.

And in fact, the algorithm doesn’t want her to. The algorithm doesn’t want that girl is getting matched with all these hot guys to be dealing with a bunch of scrubs and being like swipe left, swipe left, swipe left. She won. They want her to be happy because she stays on the site. She keeps the guys happy and keeps the hottest of the user base of guys and the best paying of the user base of guys staying on the site and thinking about how hot the girls on the are.

Okay. So the point is the algorithm is designed to make it worth it. That’s what I’m basically saying here. Right? The, the, the, the, the. The company design is they get paid by people who pay. So they want to make it worth it for those people to pay. If it’s not worth it, people stop paying. Right. They’re just catering to their customers.

And the point is, they’re probably going to cater to you if you are their customer now, um, should you pay blindly? Should you pay always? No. I would recommend testing any individual thing, right? If it’s relatively inexpensive, just go ahead and test it. See if it works. If it doesn’t make a significant difference, feel free to drop it.

But a lot of them will, for us specifically, Tinder gold does make a huge difference. Although lately, because Tinder is a business now Tinder gold is not anything. Now there’s Tinder platinum. And now if you really want to get seen by the hottest girls, you have to do Tinder platinum, right? So they’ve, they’ve made it even harder.

This is like when, when clubs started charging cover. They started having bottle service. Then they started having bottle service in the best areas and they had of having bottle service and bringing girls to your table. Um, they find ways to cater to their highest paying customers. And there is a limit, there’s a point where it’s gone too far and it’s just not worth it anymore because it’s just prohibitive or it’s just stupid.

Um, but in general, um, it is, it is largely  in a lot of cases. Um, so is Tinder gold worth? It used to be. Um, now I don’t even know if it is because of the existence of Tinder platinum, but Tinder platinum definitely is worth it. I can say from experience our boosts worth it. Um, absolutely. Yes they are.

Although. Um, uh, as an experiment, I probably should, should do a little bit more, but it’s worth noting. If you have platinum, how much of a difference boosting or not boosting does make? I think it still makes a difference. It makes sense. That would make a difference. But in theory, I think part of the promise of platinum is they’re going to show you to every girl that, um, That you do match with.

So in theory, you’re being at least putting our queue, but I think the boost puts you towards the top of the queue. So I think it’s probably still worth it, but again, try it, try it with booze, try without boost. It’s very easy for like four bucks or whatever. You’ll find out very, very quickly if it works.

So I do recommend trying it I’m on a lot of the sites. Something you can pay for is the ability to write to unlimited members or match with unlimited members. That one is absolutely worth it in almost every case. Having the ability to control your own fate. And choose who you match with and choose who messaged with, instead of waiting for the algorithm to pick for you is massive.

In fact, one of the main reasons why you might go on a site other than a tender, while you might go on a is let’s say that I’m on Tinder. You’re only going to be sh say, for example, you are, I’m like, um, how old am I? Am I 38? I’m 30, 30, eight years old. I never know my own age. I’m 38. Um, I dunno if I was 38 or 39, but I’m 38.

Um, so I’m 38. We’ve established that. Um, let’s say a girl is 21 and I walk up to her on the street and I’m a handsome, charming, charismatic 38 year old. I have no problem whatsoever picking that girl up, but, and let’s say that I were to map, let’s say I were to like, get, you know, swipe on a girl on Tinder and she gets shown my profile.

And, um, I have attractive photos. I have an attractive profile. There’s absolutely no reason why. In many, many cases, she wouldn’t swipe on me as well. However, On those apps. I might get filtered out before she ever sees my profile because maybe she sets her age range to maximum 29. And then all of a sudden, I never see her, even though if I were to see her, if she were to see me, we’d both find each other attractive and things would work out, but we’re being held back by the choices in the algorithm.

And that’s a problem. However, on a site, like for example, a you can search and you can message and you can wink at these girls without the algorithm selecting you. And so if you would be sort of siphoned out by the algorithm because the girl’s younger. Or she’s looking for a guy of a particular height or particular ethnicity, whatever you can still get matched with her on these sites where the match is more of your own volition.

However, on those sites, oftentimes you do have to pay to be able to message girls and it’s probably worth it in that case. Okay. Um, so that’s another one that might well be worth it. Um, here’s the one that I’m not the biggest fan of in general. Um, the super, like, I’m not a big fan of the super, like, um, I haven’t tried it as extensively cause I’m philosophically against it.

Um, but I also, the few times I have tried it. Yeah. It hasn’t particularly shown great results or whatever. Um, I’m not convinced that it makes you, it gets you, um, matched significantly more than otherwise, especially if you’re already doing things like doing boost and, and for example, like Tinder platinum or whatever, um, I’m not convinced that super like gets you matched a ton more.

In fact, in some cases it may even get you matched less than it may make you look desperate. And then even if it does get you matched more, you’re already starting the conversation. With the frame that, um, you chose her as special. You chose her as though she stands out. So she’s going to feel a little bit more, um, like she’s on a pedestal a little more, like you thought she was extra special.

You may get a little more attitude. You may come into it having a little more work to do in the actual messaging. Um, so I mean, if you’re statistically could show me that that super like gets you like twice, like gets you twice the twice, the chance of matching, I guess maybe it’s worth it. But, um, it will definitely have a negative impact in the messaging side of things.

Um, and I do know, um, some, some clients who have done like automatically super liking and super lucky and super liking, and they did get some matches out of it, but they did definitely come off a little more supplicating so that’s one we’re trying, I haven’t tried it super extensively for philosophical reasons and because I’ve gotten tons and tons of hot matches without ever bothering with it.

Um, but that that’s worth trying. Um, I can see why it would work, but I’m not fully convinced for example. Um, but every site has these different things. Think about them, right? Every, every feature is going to have. Here’s what it does. If it makes sense to you, that feature could work. What I recommend is just, you know, bite the bullet and try it one time.

Usually it’s five bucks to try 10 bucks to try something like that. Try it one time. If it works, it could multiply your dating life. How much is that worth? Right. If you’re getting one day a week and suddenly we’re getting three days a week, How much is that worth? I bet that was worth 10 bucks or the 20 bucks a month or whatever the heck it was.

Okay. So I do recommend it now, one caveat to a lot of these things, most of these things are multipliers, right. And that sounds good. Right? Multipliers. Good. Multiplying your results is good. The only problem is what if your results are zero? What happens if you multiply a million by zero? Oh yeah. You still get zero.

Okay. So all these multipliers, they only work. If you’re already getting some kind of a result anyway. So what I actually recommend, um, when you’re starting out on a site, you’re trying to figure out the profile is, but try it out and see if you’re getting at least some matches. Even if they’re not that attractive, know if there’s not a ton of them, make sure you’re getting at least some matches without paying.

And if you’re getting some matches without paying. Then consider paying, um, if you’re getting no matches or D that’s just completely, completely off of without paying on a site, it may be that the site itself just kind of sucks, right? Because there are a lot of sites out there. Some are really good. Some are not so good.

Um, so understand that it’s a multiplier and multipliers are very, very worthwhile if your time is valuable. And if, if you know you like getting hotter girls and having hotter dates very valuable to multiply, but make sure you’re not multiplying zero. So my, my recommendation is get it to where you’re getting more than zero before you try these things.

My other recommendation is by all means, try it. Absolutely try these things. A lot of them are very worth it. Why? Because economically the site is designed to make it worth it for you. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t exist or they’d have to switch it out for another feature that actually would have some sustainability and people would stay with.

Um, so, um, it probably is good in a lot of cases, but try it for yourself, the, the proof of anything in game, and there will always be new things. Right. Right now it’s Tinder and Tinder platinum may, there may be some other new site next week and they haven’t different feature that you’ve never seen before.

Is that worth it likely if their algorithms good, maybe, but try it. If you try it and you don’t get results. Who cares what the theory says. Who’s cares. What I say the ultimate proof in game is your own testing. And actually in online game, especially testing is absolutely the King. If there’s one lesson, I could hammer home to anybody in online game.

It’s this test, test, test some more tweak, change test, and test some more. Right. So yeah, if you have something that’s working, go with it and try a little tweak and see if you can make it work better. And if that works better, swap it out and then try another thing. If that works better, swap it out. If it works the worst.

Get rid of it. One thing I actually really recommend in general, if you possibly can, is try and have multiple profiles. Um, you can do this by just having profiles on different sites and you try one thing on this site and if it works, you try it on your other profiles and other sites. That’s what I usually do.

If you’re really, um, meticulous, what you could do is actually get a second phone and you could just have two profiles on the site and you could, you could dummy and split tasks like check, test one thing, test another thing. Um, you can even test in cities. You’re not in. Um, so that you’re not cross-referencing and not polluting the pond so to speak, but you can test different ideas out.

Um, and I do highly recommend test, test, test, and the proof is not what I say. The proof is not that in theory, the algorithm works, the proof is, does it work for you? So I recommend trying these things because logically they should work and it makes sense they would work, but understand what you’re trying and why you’re trying it.

And definitely if it’s not working, cut it, don’t keep doing, what’s not working. That’s the definition of insanity. So, thanks again for those questions, guys, obviously getting hotter girls online is a priority and obviously knowing what’s worth paying for what’s not worth paying for and what things can multiply results.

Cause again, multiplier of anything greater than zero is probably well worth it. In many, many cases. Um, so hopefully that helps you guys out again, if you want your questions on here, send them to or if you’re on YouTube, put them in the questions. And that is where I do get my material from.

So thanks again for tuning in guys. I do appreciate it and I will see you on the next one.









































































































































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