The Truth About Men’s Fashion (From a Dating Coach)

You may be wondering why you would take fashion advice from a guy who wears a black t-shirt everywhere.

While I don’t claim to be a fashion guru, but I do claim an understanding of what women respond to.

With that in mind, let’s talk about how you can effortlessly up your fashion game in the real world, without straining your mind or your wallet.

Firstly, I need to dispel a myth.

A lot of people say looks don’t matter. Well, they do.

More specifically, it’s not so much that your LOOKS matter, but that your LOOK matters.

We’re not talking about genetics, we’re talking about how you PRESENT yourself with your fashion and grooming. 

Intentionally crafting your wardrobe will make the most of what you’ve been given genetically.

Now, let’s get specific…

Fit matters.

Certain looks are intentionally slim-fit, while certain looks are intentionally baggy.

The key word here is INTENTIONALLY.

Ensure the fit you choose makes the most of your current physical appearance.

If you’re not thrilled with how your body looks, just do the best you can with your fashion right now, and get in the gym to improve your physique over time.

But what if you don’t have a good eye for fashion?

I offer a shortcut: observe and emulate.

Identify some guys in your demographic who are successful with women and replicate their style.

Beyond the basics, adding certain “unnecessary” accessories and layers can make all the difference.

Scarves, jewelry, watches, and even tattoos can transform a good look into a great one. It’s about sending an honest signal that you get it, that your fashion choices are intentional.

In the realm of classic and timeless choices, I propose the black t-shirt ensemble – a versatile option that works almost anywhere. 

But let’s not forget about white, a color that’s universally classic and exudes cleanliness.

And then there’s the “Lazy Man’s” shortcut – buy the whole mannequin. It’s a foolproof way to replicate a professionally-styled look without the hassle. 

Many clothing stores provide full, top-to-bottom, ensembles.

And no, this doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg as there are plenty of cheaper retailers that offer these plug-and-play outfits.

With all of this in mind, I propose this question:

What if a small tweak in your fashion approach could yield a 25% better reaction every time you approach a women? 

Fashion does matter, my friends, so let’s embrace it and make a statement effortlessly.

-Todd V

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