Unspoken Attraction: 5 Essential Body Language Tips for Men

It’s said that a 93% of communication stems from nonverbal cues. It’s also said that 70% of quoted statistics are spontaneously fabricated.

Regardless, the significance of the nonverbal elements of game can’t be understated.

I often see guys comment on my videos, “I don’t need these lines, I rely on my body language to attract women.”

While body language holds importance, envision approaching a girl in a Starbucks queue, attempting to convey your intentions through an alpha stance.

That’s absurd. You can’t rely on body language by itself.

Body language is indeed a crucial part of the puzzle, but it’s just one piece.

To form a cohesive picture of attractiveness, your body language, eye contact, and tone of voice should all match.

When everything synchronizes and exudes positivity, you radiate attractiveness.

On the contrary, if any of these pieces is out of sync, you appear incongruent, and possibly even unattractive.

If they’re all off, you definitely look unattractive.

So what defines good body language?

Generally, it entails behaving as you would with close friends, conveying comfort and authenticity. Or better yet, mirroring how you act around a girl who’s already interested in you, displaying relaxation and self-assuredness. Essentially, good body language signifies ease and confidence.

Now, let’s look at some common examples of bad body language and how they may negatively impact your interactions.

Tyrannosaurus rex arms, where you’re nervous and tense, show insecurity.

Pecking, which is quickly leaning in when she talks, displays reactivity.

Squatting down or kneeling to talk to a girl conveys discomfort and insecurity.

Excessive hand gestures and demonstrations, or presenter mode as I like to call it, can seem nervous and too intense.

Nodding and smiling too much can come off as overly agreeable and low value.

One of the most critical aspects of body language is eye contact. Use it to emphasize points, show confidence, and build sexual tension.

Avoid constant staring contests and remember that looking away can be just as powerful.

In conclusion, mastering attractive body language is about projecting confidence and relaxation, just like you would around your close friends or someone who’s already attracted to you.

While it’s important to be aware of good and bad body language traits, it’s equally important not to overthink it. Let it be good enough and focus more on the overall conveyance of confidence and positivity.

Remember, the way you feel about yourself and the interaction is reflected through your body language.

So keep it relaxed, confident, and in alignment with your words and intentions for successful interactions.

-Todd V

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