How to Become Universally Attractive to ALL Women

Different girls look for different things in a man. One girl might like bad-boy jocks, while another is into the super-conservative, yet traditionally successful stock-trader type.

But is there a way to universally appeal to ALL women?

Are there things that women find attractive in general?

The simple answer is yes.

This article will go into what those traits are as well as show you how to adopt them yourself.

What All Women Find Attractive

First off, you have to understand that unlike men who prize looks to an insanely high degree, women are very different when it comes to mating.

Primarily, women prize and seek out certain types of behavior, social status and personality more than appearance alone. These things combined determine your “value” in the eyes of women.

There are several other traits and characteristics that women almost universally find appealing.

In addition, they’re ones that you can actually choose to adopt for yourself.

Social Proof

One big indicator of value to a woman is ‘social proof’. It would be very hard to find a girl who doesn’t value social proof at least on some level. If you’re surrounded by women, other women find that attractive.

Massively attractive.

In her brain, a hot woman talking to you almost guarantees that you’re a man that’s in demand. And why wouldn’t it? Hot girls usually talk to high value guys.

The beauty of social proof is that although it consciously makes sense, it also triggers deep attraction and sometimes even jealousy on the part of the woman you want. I’ve seen it first-hand in clubs around the world.

The company you keep is a direct indicator of who you are to a woman. As close to an instant value trigger as you can get.


Another major attraction trigger to all women is ‘health’. It’s highly unlikely that women will be more attracted to someone who looks sickly versus someone who looks healthy.

Why would they?

Eating like crap and barely going to the gym are going to manifest themselves outwardly and women can tell that almost instantly.

Another sign of health is mental health. Being sharp, showing intelligence, even having humor, are all signs of being mentally healthy. Don’t be afraid to show that side of you.

The Most Attractive Trait

One of the most attractive traits that almost all girls respond to is CONFIDENCE.

Shocker, I know.

But yep, it’s still true after thousands of years. Women will tell you point blank that it’s attractive. And from decades of coaching thousands of students, I can tell you that confidence is a massive attraction trigger.

Of course there are limits to it’s effectiveness (you need other positive traits) and there’s definitely a limit to WHAT AMOUNT of confidence is attractive, but in general it is going to be attractive to almost all women.

What woman would want a man who LACKS confidence?

A confident guy who works 80 hours a week will DO BETTER than an unconfident guy who works the same hours.

What about the artistic guy whose life is a bit fucked up BUT has charisma and confidence versus the LAME artistic guy who only talks about painting? Who’s gonna get more girls?

The confident version of that guy. Duh.

Does that mean that you’re just either one version or the other?


Who You Are Is Up To You — Show Your Best Side

All of you have multiple traits that make you who you are. You’re composed of different characteristics.

On some level, you’re a serious successful guy, on some level you’re a silly playful guy who likes to chill and relax.

Does that mean you have to lie about yourself?

Not really.

You just have to choose which of those pieces of you match her blueprint without being something you’re not.

You don’t want to be incongruent.

You don’t need to agree with her on everything and fall into her frame.

But you can place added focus on things that might appeal to her.

One example is conveying your job. You can have the same job but convey it in 10 different ways.

Maybe with one girl you can convey and highlight the status of your job and that will impress her.

With another girl, you can talk about your job and focus on how it was a long journey to get to the top and how fulfilled you are as a human being doing that job.

With a different girl you can convey that you really like your job because it makes a huge impact and difference in the world.

Same job, different stories.

Become the Generally Attractive Guy First

Don’t do what most guys do––they get so caught up with chasing the girl’s blueprint without first learning how to be an attractive guy.

This results in them trying to fit into one girl’s frame of what she wants which in the end just makes you seem incredibly pathetic to her.

Have that fundamental base of being a high value guy. Be generally attractive.

Then bring her into YOUR world.


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