Why Funny Guys Don’t Get Laid

Today I want to debunk a common myth in the dating world — the idea that being funny is the key to success with women. 

We often hear that making a girl laugh is crucial, but in reality, there’s a fine line between making her laugh and being perceived as a “dancing monkey.”

A “dancing monkey” is a guy who tries way too hard to be funny in order to get women to like him.

The problem lies in the fact that trying too hard to entertain conveys that her world is more important than yours, potentially lowering your perceived value.

In the game, less is more, and appearing low-effort is crucial.

Imagine if you were a king with constant validation—would you feel the need to be funny?

Probably not.

The paradox here is that trying to be funny, even though it seems harmless, can signal lower value and hinder your success in game.

So, does humor have any place in game?

Well, it does, but not in the way you might think.

The key is understanding that humor should naturally happen and not be a forced, high-energy behavior.

The goal is to create sexual tension, where laughter becomes a release of nervous energy rather than a response to a well-crafted joke.

Humor should stem from genuine self-amusement, not as a coping mechanism learned for social validation.

High-value guys don’t need to try hard or be overtly funny; they exude confidence, allowing the interaction to flow naturally.

The misconception that humor equals high value often leads to the trap of self-deprecating jokes, a behavior that inherently points out low value. Humor should enhance sexual tension, not detract from it.

So, the next time you feel the urge to be funny in a strained way, resist it.

Embrace the tension, allow her to contribute to the interaction, and trust that you’re enough without constantly entertaining.

The journey may include setbacks, but in the long run, it’s a necessary step toward achieving elite-level game.

In conclusion, the reason funny guys often struggle in dating is not about the humor itself but the try-hard mentality. 

Mastering the art of being non-reactive and letting the interaction unfold naturally is the true key to success in game.

-Todd V

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