Why Girls Ghost After First Dates

This episode of the Todd V Show is a bit different as we delve into some deep game topics that may not always make it to YouTube due to algorithm constraints. 

So, buckle up and listen in because we’re about to explore crucial aspects of dating dynamics that you won’t always get to hear me discuss.

In this episode, I addressed a listener question about how you can avoid flakes on second dates.

First, let’s talk about the concept of the “point of no return.”

Getting too close to sex without sealing the deal can lead to potential flakiness because the girl may expect you to escalate to sex on the following date. She then may feel ashamed to show up for that date, thinking your agenda is solely sex.

Before you go on a date, you need to assess whether it can lead to sex and adjust your strategy accordingly. Consider the girl’s level of sexual experience and ensure favorable logistics for a potential close.

You have to understand the psychology behind creating scenarios where the girl feels more invested in chasing you than vice versa. You want to avoid over-validating a girl, especially if she’s used to being pursued.

You see…

Advanced guys are able to adapt their approach based on the context of the date. If sex seems unlikely, shift your focus to psychological aspects, creating a scenario where the girl is intrigued, invested, and eager for a second date.

Get out in the field and put this advice into practice and before you know it, you’ll be able to have successful dates consistently.

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Until next episode.

-Todd V

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