Why Tinder Doesn’t Work for You (Dating Profiles Reviewed)

“Online dating doesn’t work.”

It’s a statement I hear all the time from guys who are frustrated by a lack of results online.

The sad truth is that 80% of the results from online dating go to 20% of the guys.

Luckily, bridging the gap from the bottom 80% to the top 20% is much easier than you think.

It starts with your photos and bio.

Most guys don’t take the time and effort to have a variety of professional-level photos taken, and then wonder why they don’t see results.

Similarly, most guys DON’T make the effort to sit down and craft a bio that truly stands out, shows the girl what it would be like to date you, and makes you seem like an attractive, high-value guy.

They too wonder why they don’t see results.

In this video, I review profiles just like yours, and show you what works and what doesn’t.

You’ll learn simple, to-the-point, and effective changes you can make RIGHT NOW to significantly improve your online dating profile.

How do I know this video will improve your profile?

Because guys tend to make the same mistakes over and over on these platforms.

I constantly see boring, poorly-lit photos that don’t display an interesting lifestyle.

Mirror selfie in an unclean bathroom? Get rid of it.

Group photo with uncool friends? No offense to your friends, but delete it.

Photo where you’re way too far from the camera? Either zoom in, or preferably, delete it.

I also frequently see bios and prompts that are way, way too nice.

You see, the objective of crafting your online dating profile is not to fit in.

It is to stand out.

How do you stand out?

By being polarizing, creating emotional spikes, and disqualifying.

“I enjoy long walks on the beach” won’t cut it.

One-word, lazy answers to random, arbitrary prompts like “What’s your favorite color?” do absolutely nothing for you.

Instead, you want to convey yourself as confident and attractive. 

You want to show girls that you have high standards.

And perhaps the most important thing to do when editing your profile is to ask yourself:

“What is the most high-value, favorable “story” of who I am?”

Once you have that answer, take photos and craft a bio that conveys just that.

-Todd V

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