Your Guide to HEALTHY Relationships

I want to emphasize the word HEALTHY.

Having a partner in life, someone that genuinely cares about you, and brings positivity and value to your life, is something that I cannot recommend enough. (And yes, I’m in that kind of relationship right now).

But great relationships aren’t exactly easy.

And they don’t just happen by accident.

Typically, inexperienced guys get into relationships where they have no power and are the brunt of a lot of female abuse. This also aligns with the type of relationships that are often seen in mainstream movies and TV.

And it’s not just about value, even rich guys and celebrities can have this problem.

Experienced guys tend to have a different class of problems, in that they often try too hard to control the relationship and seem to lose track of the fact that relationships should be fun and win-win.

If anything, some of the things you learn in game can potentially HURT your chances of a happy relationship. I know too many supposedly “advanced” guys, even gurus, that just go through toxic relationships after a toxic relationship.

Meeting/hooking up with girls and keeping them around are two very, very different things.

Today’s video delves into my 6 key secrets to healthy relationships.

5 of these things you have full control over. The final one you should at least be aware of.

This is definitely a topic that is long overdue.

-Todd V

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