Why Women Date Losers

Why is she dating that LOSER instead of a nice, smart, successful guy like you?

If you’ve ever had a thought remotely like this one, you need to watch this video.

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How to Score (In Sports and With Women)

Drawing from my own experiences as both a soccer player and a dating coach, I uncovered valuable lessons about mindset, risk-taking, and preparation that are applicable to various aspects of life.

Interview With a Bootcamp Student

In this special episode of the Todd V Show, I spoke to a recent bootcamp student. He shared his journey in which he went from struggling with approach anxiety to having true abundance, including getting an amazing girlfriend. At first, the student felt lost. He wasn’t sure why he wasn’t having success with women. He […]

5 Low-Value Male Behaviors

Almost every man makes these mistakes, they seem like the most natural thing in the world…. but this is why almost no men are actually good with women. Eliminate these behaviors ASAP!

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How to Get Rizz

OK… I finally caved and made a video about “rizz”… and y’know what, it’s actually a really good video. Hope you enjoy it.

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Advanced Guys Do THIS To 10x Their Results With Women

You absolutely NEED to be doing this if you want to get good fast. Here is how to debrief the right way.

And as I mentioned in the video, I do debriefs with my students on every bootcamp.

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Why Girls Ghost After First Dates

This episode of the Todd V Show is a bit different as we delve into some deep game topics that may not always make it to YouTube due to algorithm constraints.  So, buckle up and listen in because we’re about to explore crucial aspects of dating dynamics that you won’t always get to hear me […]

My Secrets to Getting Lucky with Women

This video is from a Bootcamp program in Miami, Florida. The things I’m teaching the students in these clips are so critical to your success that I just had to share them on my channel.

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