Selecting Your Coach

Selecting Your Coach Please email roy@toddvdating for coach selection. If you have any specific requests, feel free to mention them. Otherwise, we will make a fit based on your background and goals. Previous Lesson Next Lesson

Setting Your Goals

Setting Your Goals Setting your goals is recommended to ensure your success in this program, game, and life in general. Often, students come to us without a clear vision of who they want to become. Take a day or two to self-assess and evaluate where you want to be in 90 days, in one year, […]

Pre-Program Requirements

Pre-Program Requirements 1. Purchase Recording Equipment The first pre-program to-do is to purchase recording equipment. Most of our online coaching students, even those where English or Spanish isn’t the dominant language, record their sets. This is the best way we can give you detailed, accurate coaching. If you feel comfortable recording your sets, then let […]

Welcome to the Todd V Online Coaching Program

Welcome to the Todd V Online Coaching Program The Todd V Online Coaching Program is designed to transform. Some programs are created with short-term results in mind, but here, we focus on the long term. We made this program to help you build the skills and habits necessary to elevate your confidence, your game, and […]

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