DAYGAME TIP 1 When you’re opening girls during the day remember to lightly touch them. Go try this out, you’ll see the results immediately! Previous Lesson Next Lesson

How I Get Away with Saying Things Other Guys Can’t

How I Get Away with Saying Things Other Guys Can’t HOW I GET AWAY WITH SAYING THINGS OTHER GUYS CAN’T🗣💃 For a really long time guys have focused on verbals and what exactly to say and when the most precise time to say it is. Overthinking unnecessarily and causing them frustration and instilling an irrational […]


DAYGAME TIP 2 The key to all this is to make it seem casual and like it’s no big deal. If you stop a girl and talk to her on the street for longer than 4-5 minutes it stops being casual and becomes a “pickup”.Move her somewhere, please! Previous Lesson Next Lesson


DAYGAME TIP 3 If you don’t pull from Daygame here’s why! I’ve been coaching along side Todd for 4 years now and it fascinates and frustrates me, how many guys who’ve been learning game for years, still don’t know how to move girls to the next location! A lot of guys still think that the […]

Ask Yourself

Ask Yourself Whenever receiving advice from anyone (coach/rando) read between the lines and dig deeper. Ask yourself. Why (would/does) that work? Instead of just taking in pieces of advice and implementing them and wondering why they don’t work. Ask yourself, why do (girl/girls) find this attractive? Why is this the most optimal behavior RN? This […]

She Wants You. BADLY!

She Wants You. BADLY! If a girl tells you she has a boyfriend right before sex but, she’s on your bed, and you guys have done everything but sex. She wants you. BADLY!Completely up to you on what you choose to do after hearing this but, doing the bad thing feels good for her😉(Harsh truths) […]

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