UVP EXERCISE — UVP Write out the unique things you have to offer. Ex. Things you are uniquely good at, Things you uniquely love to do, Things you are passionate about, Things you can teach, Playing the accordion a little, A unique philosophy about a random thing Some of the items should correspond to […]

Understanding and Selling Yourself to Your Customer

  Understanding and Selling Yourself to Your Customer There are values and characteristics you bring to the table when you’re dealing with other people. You also have to think about what the other person wants from you.  Every person in your life knows you in a different way and potentially needs different things from you. Your parents […]

Common Attractive Archetypes

  Common Attractive Archetypes The bad boy who breaks rules is a common attractive archetype. If you have these qualities, share it by all means.  Being successful and achieving in life is attractive. Make sure to show these in a non bragging way.  Being a socialite connector is a useful archetype. This is if you are good at […]

Characteristics of an Attractive Man

  Characteristics of an Attractive Man There are 5 characteristics that Todd likes to use as hallmarks.  Attractiveness is the first hallmark. This is the idea of taking care of your appearance and making the most of it. You should be well-dressed. You should be well-groomed. You should be stylish. The idea that you care about how you […]

Body Language

  Body Language Teaching body language does more harm than good. It makes people feel self-conscious and analytical.  There have been cases where guys with bad body language succeeded because they did it with confidence. Likewise, guys will learn good body language but it becomes awful because they are focused on it. Almost any bad body language done […]

How to Be a Leader

  How to Be a Leader These are steps towards being more assertive. If that is your issue, do it by all means. Saying “no” to someone or arguing on an opinion is contrary to what a leader is. It is definitely important to know that you can stand up for yourself if you want to be a […]

Intrinsic Value Vs. Social Value

  Intrinsic Value Vs. Social Value There is a metaphor for being good at an interview versus being good at actually performing the job. Ideally, you want to be both. Before college, Todd had a lot of intrinsic value and was academically oriented. He didn’t know how to convey that intrinsic value. At college, he learned game and basically […]

Elevator Pitch Your Work

  Elevator Pitch Your Work There are several issues when it comes to people elevator pitching that they are high-value. One is that they are completely unprepared. Another one is that people are too polished. People don’t care bout the product unless if they exactly match the description in the pitch.  You shouldn’t be selling in the first […]

Non-Zero Sumness

  Non-Zero Sumness Every interaction you have with other human beings has a sumness characteristic. Chess is a zero-sum game since there is one winner and loser. Poker is a negative-sum game for the players since the casino takes a cut. Negative-sum games are often harder to win. The global economy is a positive-sum game since the net wealth […]

Mentality Toward Rejection

  Mentality Toward Rejection Todd looks at rejections as positive learning experiences. This is very true in business and in game. The best mentality to take is that game is like sales. Let’s say you had to do phone sales. Most people don’t know who you are and will hang up on you. Your goal is to make your […]

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