What’s Your Personal Narrative?

  What’s Your Personal Narrative? A good question in game is “What is your unique value proposition?” What is it that you’re presenting that makes you stand out from the other guys in a positive way? Steve Urkel is a unique low-value proposition.  A non-unique value proposition is like Carlton. Some girls will respond if you happen […]

Value Ratio

  Value Ratio A common question is “Is it possible to have too much value?” It comes to a value ratio.  It can be seen as a cream to coffee ratio. Value is coffee and comfort is cream. People who get coffee a lot like their coffee in a specific way. If the coffee is the proper ratio, people […]

Value is Subjective

  Value is Subjective Blueprint is the idea that value is subjective. Something that is considered “value” to one person may not be “value” to another person. Every girl was raised their own different way. A girl who was raised in a sexually restrictive family will have a viewpoint that is influenced by this. A girl who has […]

Leading a Frame

  Leading a Frame You will be much better off if you are the one dictating what is of value in an interaction than having it decided for you. Let’s say you’re a smart guy with some interesting stories and a decent amount of value. If you compare yourself to a hot girl at a club, you’re […]

Who’s Cooler?

  Who’s Cooler? Two descriptions will be given. Form your impressions on the two people. Choose who you think is the cooler person. Person 1: This person is a 34-year-old entrepreneur with a brilliant idea that has started to revolutionize the world. His company has recently gone public and potential growth is huge. He’s taking […]

Techniques to Convey Value

  Techniques to Convey Value Keep in mind that this idea comes from evolution. If you ever wonder whether a technique’s usage is correct in a situation or you need a value bump, think in terms of the high-value and low-value things you’re conveying to her.  Think about how the girl is seeing you and what […]

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