Tinder Breakdown — Helicopter

  Tinder Breakdown — Helicopter It’s good that he’s standing in front of a helicopter. The way he’s dressed is incongruent and displays low-value. His clothes are baggy and there’s nothing special about them. It’s bad that the first photo makes him look overweight even though he is in shape in other photos.  Cuddling is another euphemism […]

Tinder Breakdown — Professor

  Tinder Breakdown — Professor “Entrepreneur, Professor” shows intelligence and a little risky.  It can be argued that several things make up his unique value proposition. These are that he is an entrepreneur, professor, and traveler.  Listing out his profession does not make a strong impression on girls. His value proposition is, therefore, mostly that he is a […]

Tinder Breakdown — Engineer

  Tinder Breakdown — Engineer This guy is an engineer. He puts down that he’s 5’8” and points out how average it is. “Laid back dad with a dad bod” shows comfort. A jacked guy would show more value. “Like cross country trips, working out just enough” plays on the safe side. He is not trying to risk […]

Tinder Breakdown — Tattoos

  Tinder Breakdown — Tattoos He has the bad boy look with his tattoos. He also fits the socialite connector archetype as a nightclub promoter.  The photos are good. He’s stylish. The photos are well taken. The tattoos are displayed well. He has a decent physique. One problem is that two of the photos are very similar. The expression in […]

Tinder Breakdown — Abs

  Tinder Breakdown — Abs The guy claims to get good results with sixes and sevens, not with nines or tens.  “Please don’t be fat in real life. If you think this is rude but have “please be over 6 ft swipe left!” is interesting. All men can relate to this and say “How dare […]

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