Attraction is NOT a Choice

  Attraction is NOT a Choice You don’t have a choice for who you have a strong emotional response to due to it being pre-conscious or subconscious. You rationalize this emotion afterward, but this rationalization can be put through your logical filters, which will change your interpretation. If a random hot girl walked by you, […]

Emotional Relevance

  Emotional Relevance We notice what is attributed to value or a threat. Your first goal when dealing with someone you want to leave an impression on is to become emotionally relevant. The range between the + and – sign is a normal experience. This experience is forgettable because it is so normal.  Your commute to […]

Why Perception Matters

  Why Perception Matters You get what you focus on, so focus on the right things. Think and write down a single focus, such as a sticking point you want to address or a question that you want to have the answer for.  Whenever there is information related to your focus, it should ring a […]

Perception of Information

  Perception of Information How information is presented has a major impact on how it’s received.  Primacy bias is when you hear something first and you latch onto that. Recency bias is when the most recent thing sticks to your memory more.  You are not living in reality. Your brain and senses are trying all […]

Approximate the Sum

  Approximate the Sum When adding 8,15,20,16,25,102,40,62,79,98 and 98,79,62,40,102,25,16,20,15,8, people tend to approximate the first set of numbers as lower and the second one as higher even though they are the same numbers but reversed.  This is because you start with smaller numbers in the first set and your brain automatically assumes a lower sum […]

Psychology of Perception

  Psychology of Perception Value comes from perception. It comes from what is uniquely human about us and how we understand and go about the world as human beings.  Perception is imperfect. What we see as the world is not the actual world, but what we modeled through our senses. Not only is it limited […]

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