Q&A #7

  Q&A #7 (1:34) Can you explain the concept of calibration? What exactly is it and how do you go about doing it properly from moment-to-moment? (6:46) What are good types of first messages we can send online to get more girls to respond and ultimately more dates? Any tips on improving the follow-up messages? […]

Q&A #6

  Q&A #6 (1:22) Am I overthinking if I doubt the girl is sexually into me when I can tease her and make her emotionally reactive to me? You’re overthinking if you’re asking yourself this question when you’re doing things largely correctly. It shouldn’t be an issue if you are able to be man-to-woman and […]

Q&A #5

  Q&A #5 (1:41) What is a good way to make approaching a good habit? You should just do it like any other habit. You’re never going to build a habit of approaching if you sit around and give yourself excuses to not approach.  You can integrate it into your life and have things that […]

Q&A #4

  Q&A #4 I’m still trying to understand if my being high-value is the same as offering value in business. For example, does Todd being a high-value individual impact the value I receive from Value Masterclass? Does Jeff Bezos’ value affect the value I receive from Amazon? The answer is actually less than the question […]

Q&A #3

  Q&A #3 My number one security is how and when and if to convey embarrassing or shameful things to a girl. My past career crashed and burned after being publicly disgraced over allegations of sexual misconduct that had some truth to them. How do other people communicate these things when meeting new people in […]

Q&A #2

  Q&A #2 With a woman’s dual mating strategy, going for a high-value guy to get them pregnant versus going for a guy to stick around, wouldn’t a girl’s blueprint also have some fluidity to it depending on who she is talking to?  Yes, it absolutely does. There are some guys the girl will sleep with, […]

Q&A #1

  Q&A #1 How does one be vulnerable and honest while still being high-value? The way you use certain phrasing and words is going to have an impact. When you use vulnerability, this can mean a few things.  Vulnerability as in willingness to be honest or expose yourself to the world is a good trait […]

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