Fitting in Society

  Fitting in Society Guess who the person is based on the description. This person is the main character on a teenage sitcom about a black family that was televised in the early to mid-1990s. This character started out as an outsider to the family and was different than the family in his way of […]

Letter to Your Inner “Loser”

  Letter to Your Inner “Loser” We know that we could improve our lives exponentially if we were our best all the time.  Despite this, we still do the easy thing rather than the right thing.  A big reason is that we haven’t codified what we wanted or what we think we want is different […]

Conveying High-Value Traits

  Conveying High-Value Traits Girls are specifically looking for high-value evolution traits.   What is it we can do to convey these traits? There is a difference between existent value and conveyed value.   Social Proof Seeming to be popular and having people talk positively about you is going to help you out a lot. Having a […]

Having Vs. Conveying Value

  Having Vs. Conveying Value This is a photo of a famous homeless guy who is famous for picking up girls in New York City and staying with them. This is a good example of having low value but doing good in terms of conveying the value. The whole idea of not having a lot of offer […]

Conscious & Comfort Factors

  Conscious & Comfort Factors This plays into your attractiveness.  This has to do a lot with the idea of blueprints. A blueprint is an idea that girls are socially different and they have been raised with different values. If a girl is Christian and you’re Christian and she’s into religion, that will make her consciously like […]

Subconscious Value Triggers From Evolution

  Subconscious Value Triggers From Evolution What are some high-value behaviors from evolution? Social proof is people responding well to you socially. This includes you having friends and being a leader. You’re getting a good reception from people and treated with respect.  Sexual social proof is women responding well to you or people indicating you’ve been with […]


  Leveling Certain things you do indicate your exact level in game or your exact value in life. In poker, you outplay someone in a hand because you know their sophistication and know what they were thinking. You can see what level someone is playing based on their mistakes and how they play the hands. If you see […]

Why Guys Become “Low Value”

  Why Guys Become “Low Value” The world does not have a lot of reasons to make you high-value. If everybody is king, who is the subject? Someone needs to do the day to day work, so people who are in charge and high-value have no incentive to teach you. Women do not have an incentive for […]

Low-Value Traits

  Low-Value Traits In Todd’s early years of teaching game, one strategy that was used was to give a list of things not to do: Don’t cross your arms, Don’t stand with your feet too close together, Don’t lean in, etc..These are traits that you exhibit when you feel nervous or low-value, so you would be conveying […]

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