Backward Rationalizing My Job

  Backward Rationalizing My Job Think about how a girl would perceive Todd’s job as a “meeting girls live” coach. How would a girl respond to this? Before sleeping with Todd, think about what is validating to her and giving value to her life.  If she is sleeping with him, she is just the next girl who the […]

Stealing Value

  Stealing Value The idea is that a guy comes in to steal a girl’s emotions after another guy had talked and aroused her emotions beforehand. If a girl is lashing out to her boyfriend and another guy is more attractive in the situation, the random guy will get more attraction and the boyfriend would look […]

Dumb Luck Responsiveness

  Dumb Luck Responsiveness There are two areas and it can be used in all areas of life, but the examples provided are for bartenders specifically.  Why are bartenders perceived as attractive people in bar and club life? Bartending does not require a rigorous education and the only special skill is that he knows how to […]

Power of Disinterest

  Power of Disinterest People might ask why we are looking at animal examples when humans are smarter. The reason is that we have to be smart about balancing it and why we have calibration and risk management techniques.  If you are begging this girl to go out with you with gifts and compliments and offering […]


  Peacocking The peacock is always mentioned when talking about animal evolution. Peacocking is a technique where people dress outlandishly in order to attract attention because it gets you on a female’s radar and resistance or resilience to pressure is conveyed, which is a really attractive trait. There are two things that go into a peacock […]

The Winner Effect

  The Winner Effect The winner effect is seen in all animals, but it is strongly seen in fish and some reptiles.  If a fish wins a fight, it gets a boost of adrenaline that makes it seem more alpha and confident. This will help it win in the upcoming fights it would encounter. If fish A […]

The Dual Mating Strategy of the Swallow

  The Dual Mating Strategy of the Swallow Two things need to happen for swallows. The female swallow needs to get fertilized by the male. Once the eggs are laid, someone needs to tend to the eggs.  Swallows have two reproductive options, which are similar to the ones humans will have. One strategy is to mate with one […]

Evolution and REPRODUCTION

  Evolution and REPRODUCTION We are, fundamentally and emotionally, animals.  As animals, we are governed by emotions first.  Fundamentally, we still have to compete to breed due to a male and female required for sexual reproduction. It all comes down to survival and reproduction.  It’s not survival of the fittest to survive; it’s survival of the […]

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