Winning Means Knowing the Rules

  Winning Means Knowing the Rules Knowing the rules absolutely matters and can be critical. You can put your heart and soul into a business but get into legal trouble because of improper licensing.  One example Todd has is when he was playing chess as a kid. En passant is a rule that few people know. When Todd […]

Living in Reality

  Living in Reality If you are in conflict with reality, you are going to have massive problems with people, success, and excuses. The first part of living in reality is not “shoulding” on yourself. Tony Robbins uses the same phrase but it was used in a different concept. Using the word “should” is the single worst […]

Internal Vs. External Attribution

  Internal Vs. External Attribution The high-value person will attribute positives to themselves. The low-value attributes negatives to themselves and vice versa.  You want to attribute success to your own work and failures to random chance. This could be better for winner effect, status, etc.. In general, you want to attribute something after you have it.  During […]

Lessons From Coaches

  Lessons From Coaches Todd’s high school soccer coach prioritized accountability and execution. He had teams play really well for him because players were afraid of not playing well for him. One time, the coach punished someone for making a mistake by making him run until the coach said stop and when he did say stop, the […]

The Mentality of High-Value Men

  The Mentality of High-Value Men How do high-value men think differently from low-value men? The idea of self-reliance is a foundational key to being a high-value guy.  There are different types of guys in the world. There is the guy who is constantly asking other people for help. There is the guy who is unsure of […]


  Scenarios There will be several scenarios provided. The question is “How do we take these ideas of being high-value in game and apply or not apply them?” Sometimes, only certain aspects of game should be applied the rest should be left to game.    Negotiate a Raise One major difference between negotiating a raise and cold […]

Pointing Out the Gap

  Pointing Out the Gap “Gap” means the gap between who someone is conveying they are and who they actually are. When you go out into the world,  you try to highlight your best qualities while hiding your worst ones. You’re putting a presentation to the world for one thing when you know you are something else. Most […]

Not Qualifying Yourself and Making Others Qualify

  Not Qualifying Yourself and Making Others Qualify Not qualifying yourself is an important concept for being high-value. Qualifying yourself means explaining yourself unnecessarily. Someone who is totally secure will typically deal in reality and then just get on with things. Someone who is insecure will often qualify and explain themselves and talk away their insecurities.  Let’s say […]

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