Get 1-2 dates every week without making a single cold approach

Over the next 6 months…

… We’ll add (or fix) the 3 Keys Of Your Dating System so you can have more dates and more abundance:

1. Superstar Profile

Online dating requires much less effort when you know that your profile gets matches. It makes going on dates much easier and reduces pressure from sending the “perfect” message.

This is why the first thing we’ll do together is create your Superstar Profile 1-on-1 (with photos I create FOR you). And validate it by getting at least 3 high quality matches.

2. Systematic Messaging

You’re unstoppable when you combine the right profile with good messaging. The best part? These women are already looking forward to speaking to you based on your amazing profile. Some of them may even make the first move.

We’ll focus on creating a system to send the best messages to get a girl to respond. With this strategy we create a mindless messaging system that makes girls excited to talk to you and get you Your Next 3 Dates.

3. Systematic Dating

We simplify and improve on closing so that women are eager to meet you. This gives you the breathing room to just show up and have a good date.

We give you a consistent 1-2 dates a week. Then we have a conversation on what you want to do next. (1-2 dates a week gives you access to exciting new options. See Phase 3 below).


Phase 1:

As a member of Digital Black Belt, you’ll get crystal clear on a 1-1 call with Atlas on three things:

  • The Superstar Profile & Bio that we craft for you (Hyper-realistic AI photos and all).
  • Engaging women and having exciting conversations.
  • Closing the interaction and taking women out on dates.

We want you to have a dating profile that consistently matches you with beautiful women while you sleep.

But we also want you to have clarity and a simple plan to get your next 3 dates without doing a single cold approach (unless you want to).

Phase 2:

Once matches are coming in predictably – we’ll implement the Systematic Dating system to land your next 3 dates.

You understand that you get

  • Community access to Atlas, Kaity and Digital Black Belt.
  • The Digital Black Belt workshop library with all my game plans, secrets and guides. As well as free access to any future workshops.
  • Ask whatever you’re struggling with and get a solution. Whether on our optional calls or via the community if that’s easier for you.
  • The 2 weekly optional calls are split up among timezones so that you can get help no matter where you are. The only needed call is the initial one with Atlas to get clear on your roadmap.

You’ll have a community to celebrate wins with and rely on when you feel stuck.

Phase 3:

The system that got you 3 dates once is now bringing in an extra 1-2 dates per week.


You’re in control of your time and a predictable system to get dates.

And you’ll have a choice:

Push to the next stage of dating (relationships).

Or take a step back and enjoy the freedom your date-generating machine earned you…


It’s easy to get started in Digital Black Belt because you only have to worry about taking it week by week. 

Your investment is $250 now and then payments of $250 every week.

You’re free to leave whenever (see below) and you won’t be charged.

And to make it even easier for you…

Love It Or Leave It:

Digital Black Belt is an asset. Not a liability.

You’re free to leave whenever and make no further payments.

If you leave you are unable to rejoin for a year.

Gorge goes from scarcity to abundance

"Before, girls were the ones that would flake on me. But now, it's like the opposite. I'm the one that flakes on them."

Travis gets 700+ Bumble likes within a few days

"I had a date on Thursday, I had a date on Friday, I had a date on Saturday, I have a date tomorrow..."

Nicholas completely transformed his dating life

"I'm averaging 2-3 dates a week right now."

Bob didn't know this was possible at the age of 61

"You guys are geniuses. I wish I had met up with you guys 20 years ago. It would have saved me from my second marriage…"

Hyper-realistic AI Photos to kickstart your profile

from this...

to this

from this...

to this

Get a Female's Perspective


PHASE 1: We get clear on your Dating Profile, Messaging and Gameplan for Dates. You get clarity on your journey to go on 1-2 dates/wk and we let the matches roll in.

PHASE 2: We go to battle together to turn your matches into 3 dates. You’ll get Atlas, Kaity, and the Digital Black Belt Resources and Community on your side to maximize your chances of success.

PHASE 3: You’re now going on 1-2 dates per week. Then you can choose to enjoy the freedom your system gave you – or push to see how far you want to go.


lntake for July is now CLOSED. You can join the waitlist for August by following the steps below:

STEP 1: Email “I’m in”.

STEP 2: We’ll add you to the waitlist.

STEP 3: Get notified 24 hrs before we open intake OR when a spot opens up.

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