Marketing Assistant

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Looking for a marketing assistant to add to my marketing team. 

This is a paid, remote position (after a trial period) with occasional opportunity for travel.

Must have an interest in internet marketing.

Entry-level applicants are encouraged to apply.

Main Qualifications:

  • Excellent writing skills. 
  • Fast learner and problem solver. Pin-point attention to detail. 
  • Technologically up-to-date and willing to learn whatever technical skill is needed to get the job done.


Other Relevant Skillsets (Preferred, but not necessary):

SEO and blog content

Video Editing

Social Media Management

Graphic/Web Design


Landing Page Design



Be prepared to learn a ton on the job. Versatility is critical as you’ll be doing a variety of things on any given day.


Please write a 500-1,000 word essay about the following:

  1. Who you are and any relevant background info
  2. Why you want this job
  3. Why you are the perfect fit for this job and what you can bring to the table
  4. Your goals going forward


Please email this essay and any resume to with headline: “MARKETING ASSISTANT: (Your city)”


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