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3 Simple Tips To Improve Your Game During Quarantine

Interesting times are upon us, but does that mean that your ability to meet and attract women should take a hit? Absolutely not.
Is it possible for you to improve your game during quarantine? I say yes.
Here are three recommendations for how you can get the most out of these times of isolation, and even bring some new girls into your life:
1. Online Dating Apps
As much as I’m an advocate for Cold Approach and it’ll always stay close to my heart, the opportunity for meeting girls online has never been better.
Think of what’s currently happening in the world… All of the hottest girls who would usually be out getting hit on are now sitting at home bored, with nothing to do. So what do they do to entertain themselves? Open their dating apps.
Personally, my matches and response rates have massively increased on the apps I’m using. (Tinder and Bumble)
One of the benefits of Online Dating is that many of the same principles apply directly to text game. Text game is a skill in and of itself that’s critical to meeting up with girls, so capitalize on this opportunity to improve it. Of course, meeting up with girls is a little difficult for now, but I’ve got a great short term alternative that I’ll explain later in this post.
So if you haven’t experimented much with Online Dating, now is the perfect time. Download Tinder, Bumble, Hinge or any other app, make a profile and get started.
2. Re-Engaging Old Numbers
As I mentioned before, there’s a LOT of girls currently sitting at home looking for ways to stay entertained. Remember those numbers that you’ve previously gotten that didn’t turn into anything? Hit them up again.
A few re-engagement texts can do wonders, especially during these times. Think short, simple and easy to respond to. As most re-engagement texts should be. For example:
“How’s your sanity going with all this chaos?”
With circumstances completely different now compared to when you first got these numbers, you’ll be surprised at the amount that respond. Plus, you have nothing to lose…
Now you’re probably thinking “But what’s the point of all this if I can’t go on dates?” Which brings me to my next recommendation…
3. Facetime Interactions
With all the leads you’re getting through Online Dating and old numbers, what can you do to move it forwards if you can’t meet up in person? Facetime.
The benefit of this is you’ll still be able to practice many of the elements within a solid interaction that you would normally have in person. Work on techniques, work on delivery, work on your Verbal Game.
As time goes on in this current state of isolation, people are craving human interaction more and more. Use this to your advantage.
When you follow this process, you’ll be able to create solid new leads and have a decent amount of girls to catch up with when things start to slow down.
On top of that, you can practice solidifying your interactions, improve your skillset and “sharpen the sword.”
If you want to find a way to get competitive, or track your results, try the following mission:
See how many Facetime conversations you can have with new girls in a week then try to beat it the next week.
I’m interested to hear how you go with this, so let me know in the comments below.
These times can either help you or hurt you – the outcome is up to you.
Stay safe, speak soon.

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