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Ask Yourself

Whenever receiving advice from anyone (coach/rando) read between the lines and dig deeper. Ask yourself. Why (would/does) that work? Instead of just taking in pieces of advice and implementing them and wondering why they don’t work. Ask yourself, why do (girl/girls) find this attractive? Why is this the most optimal behavior RN?

This helps you understand, the framework of what an interaction should look like and helps you understand the why, behind certain behaviors. So you can make up your own lines instead of taking someone else’s because you’re using the same system to create the content.

For example:

General advice: “In order to pull her you need to lead her and not let her feel at fault.”

1.) More of an “it just happened” factor. She’s not at fault you are. She feels less slutty. (She’s worried about being slutty because, her social status back in the old-age, if damaged, could lead to social isolation which leads to her not reproducing successfully and dying off)

2.) Demonstrates the ability to take the lead and be assertive. Also shows that when you have tried to lead in the past, people didn’t completely shut you out and tell you to STFU. (An issue most shy guys have)

A lot of the advice usually tends to lead down one path and that is, “the woman usually wants and finds those traits attractive because then her kids are more likely to have those traits as well. Eventually helping them reproduce successfully as well and passing down the genes and keeping the genes going”



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