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If you don’t pull from Daygame here’s why!

I’ve been coaching along side Todd for 4 years now and it fascinates and frustrates me, how many guys who’ve been learning game for years, still don’t know how to move girls to the next location!

A lot of guys still think that the best way to pull a girl is to sell her on how AMAZING the next place will be. Telling her how cool or unique this “ONE” place is doesn’t work and it’s harming your results.

Instead sell her on how FAST and CASUAL it’ll be.

Lower the investment on her part by telling her that this place is only a FEW minutes away or better yet, POINT to the next location and say “It’s right there☝️”.

She’ll feel less slutty and she’ll feel more comfortable going if there’s not much she has to INVEST for a complete stranger.

A girl will go wherever with you as long as she’s in the right place emotionally and it seems easy, casual, and most importantly she feels she has nothing to lose.

Try this out. Good luck 🍀


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