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Q: Am I allowed to message my personal coach during the week?

A: The program only officially includes the weekly 1-on-1 and group calls. However, if you have a close-ended question that can be answered quickly, we will typically get back to you within 24 hours. Some good question formats include: “Should I do X or not?” or “Should I do A, B, or C?” If you need an immediate response and your coach isn’t available, consider reaching out to your liaison, who can be a helpful game resource as well.

Q: Can I use a Lavalier microphone that connects to my phone?

A: If you’d like a cheaper alternative to the recommended audio setup, then this is a good option. Keep in mind that this means you won’t be able to use your phone during your conversations without the girl noticing. If you do want to exchange phone numbers, ask for her phone to add your contact and message yourself. This can actually be a good way to ensure your number is saved in her phone, so you don’t appear as just digits when texting/calling.

Q: What happens if the girl sees the microphone?

A: She won’t. Wear dark clothing to hide the wire, and you won’t have any issues. If she does see the microphone, play it off casually like it’s for work or music. If you’re about to escalate with the girl, you can easily pull the wire into your pocket, and you’re good to continue the fun.

Q: What are your top three tips to improve the most during the program?

A: Our top three recommendations:

  1. Go out more. The bare minimum we suggest is going out three times a week for about an hour of gaming. This equates to at least 20 approaches per week, although beginners are encouraged to do many more approaches because their interactions will typically be shorter. Those who get the most out of the program do around 50 approaches per week.
  2. Watch The System from start to finish. After you watch everything and you have a good idea of the concepts, refer back to particular modules and infields only when you need help with specific sticking points that are still unclear. This way you stay focused on one small chunk at a time, and still have the overall OPEN-Close framework in mind.
  3. Record video. This is the best way for us to coach you in the online program. If you can find a wing to record your video, we can ensure the most accurate and effective coaching as we can see all aspects of your game including approach angle, body language, eye contact, physical escalation, etc.

Q: Do you have any tips for recording video well and discreetly?

A: Here’s a list of our top suggestions for your camera guy:

  • Clap Twice: Clap at least two times on camera in the beginning of infield session. This is crucial for syncing the audio and video in post (and it’s why film studios use clapperboards). Here’s a video explanation.
  • Wrap the Camera in Clothes: Take a dark shirt or jacket with you and wrap it around the camera to better disguise it.
  • Always Be Filming: Never turn the camera off and stop filming.
  • Avoid Eye Contact with Girl: Never look at the girl! Frequent eye contact will make her suspicious. Be safe, and don’t look at anyone in the shot.
  • Avoid Looking at Security: Be aware of them, but don’t draw their attention.
  • Be Normal: Be chill. Go on your phone, call a friend, buy a drink or food, etc.
  • Film from Behind: Generally, film from behind the girl to avoid getting caught.
  • Zoom Out! Don’t try anything fancy like zooming-in or close-ups. Play it safe and shoot zoomed out. Once the camera guy is experienced filming, he can start to zoom, but don’t at the beginning.

Q: Should I still record my audios if they aren’t in English (or Spanish)?

A: Yes. We have coaches who understand English and Spanish; however, if your sets are primarily in another language, you should still record them. This situation will require more effort in preparing the audios/videos, as you’ll need to subtitle your interactions in English. A good way to do this is to use YouTube’s subtitling tool.

Q: If I live in Europe/Asia/Australia/Africa, will the time zone difference be an issue?

Though our team is primarily based in the United States, we’re used to accommodating students in different time zones as over a third of our students are from overseas. If none of the standard times in your coach’s scheduling link work, we can help you arrange a weekly time that is good for both of you. When scheduling, please note that 12am is midnight and 12pm is noon.

Q: How much can I expect to improve by the end of the program?

A: This varies from student to student and depends largely on how well you follow the program guide and the top three tips mentioned above. Students who go out frequently, study materials, and provide us with the media necessary to coach them tend to make remarkable progress over three months. For example, we’ve had beginners who advance all the way to instant-dating girls to intermediates developing the ability to consistently attract and pull their personal 8s and 9s. Your progress depends on your commitment to game and the program. Prioritize this aspect of your life, and you’ll make massive progress.

Q: If I’m also doing an Immersion or 1-on-1 Bootcamp, when should I do it?

A: You have three options for when to do your live coaching: before, during, or after the online coaching program. Although all options are great, we recommend before because this will give your game a turbo boost, and then you can use your online coaching program to keep the good habits and momentum going for the months that follow. Also, it gives you and your coach a better opportunity to get to know each other in person before continuing to be in contact over the phone.

Q: How do you decide which coach to assign me?

A: There are multiple factors that we consider before assigning your coach. These can include day- or nightgame preferences, sticking points, gaming style, goals, age, location, ethnicity, etc. Certain coaches work better with certain types of students, and our top priority is student-coach fit. All these considerations are discussed at the beginning of the program.

Q: Can I switch coaches?

A: While it is not recommended, we can honor a switch if there is a valid reason.

Q: Am I too old to learn game?

A: Our coaches are in their mid- to late twenties and have experience coaching students of all ages. We tend to attract older, more sophisticated men to Todd V Dating, so we’ve coached students just like you many times before. We can guarantee that there are older guys who have come through our coaching programs with little experience and made unbelievable progress in game. It’s time to leverage your life experience.

Q: How important are logistics to succeeding on the program?

A: Logistics are critical if you want to maximize your success as defined by pulls. However, we prefer to define success in terms of how much you improve your game skills. From this perspective, this situation can actually help you develop more than someone with better logistics because you’ll have to work more on aspects of your game like properly setting up ideal date plans, mastering the closing sequence, and pulling to her place. Then, once you have better logistics in the future, pulling will be a piece of cake.

Q: Should I do daygame or nightgame or both?

A: We generally recommend that you do both daygame and nightgame because you build a more complete game skillset this way. In daygame, verbal game is more important while in nightgame, tonality, physical escalation, eye contact, etc. is more important. Ideally, you can do both but specialize by doing say 80% daygame and 20% nightgame or vice versa. This way you develop a larger skillset and have one area of game where you are reliably great. 

Q: If I live in a small town/city, can I still massively improve my game?

A: Yes. Learning game in a smaller town/city is different from doing so in a larger one. On the one hand, you may not be able to cold approach as much as students in larger cities. On the other hand, you have an amazing opportunity to work on social circle game, which, when done right, has immense benefits. We have coaches that specialize in this area of game, so we’ll make sure you do it right.

Additionally, if you want to add more cold approach into your coaching, we recommend you commute to a larger, nearby city. Students in the past have rented Airbnbs over the weekend in those types of cities so that they could dedicate several days per week just to game. Whatever the best option for you, we have coaches that will ensure your success in it.

Q: Can I pause the program?

A: The program is designed to build good game habits and get you the best long-term results. Students who have paused in the past lost much of their momentum and got worse results compared to those who did their calls every week. For this reason, we strongly discourage pausing or skipping weeks during the program, but accommodations can be made in select cases. If you want to ask about pausing the program or missing a week for an emergency, you must message your coach and/or personal liaison beforehand. Not having gone out enough that week is an excuse, not a valid reason.

Q: What happens if I get in a closed relationship during the program?

A: If you get a girlfriend and you both want a closed relationship, we understand. However, before committing, thoroughly consider your priorities. Is this the girl that you want to stop your gaming momentum to be with, or is she just the first of many amazing girls to come? If you think she’s the one, then we can give you relationship coaching or pause the program, but before deciding, talk to your coach or personal liaison.

Q: Should I also watch The System?

A: We recommend having a basic understanding of the OPEN-Close model. Watch The System completely to get a good overview of these fundamental pillars of game. On the program, you’ll develop a strong game foundation by becoming proficient in the following sequence:

  1. Open
  2. Open-Close
  3. Open-Premise-Close
  4. Open-Premise-Evaluation-Close
  5. Open-Premise-Evaluation-Narrative-Close

When you encounter particular sticking points within this sequence, refer back to the videos for more details.

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