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How I Get Away with Saying Things Other Guys Can't


For a really long time guys have focused on verbals and what exactly to say and when the most precise time to say it is. Overthinking unnecessarily and causing them frustration and instilling an irrational fear of not knowing what to say.

As a matter of fact, one of the most commonly asked questions I get from my students is, “JP what do I say on the open” or “What do I say to get her to like me?”

Before I have the entire community on my ass, I have to say, verbals are important, just not NEARLY as important as everyone makes them out to be!

Remember that one rule, where you’re not supposed to say, “hey lets go back to my place?”

Well for over the past 7+ years, I’ve broken this rule and MANY others and still get the girl. Time to get with the new and out with the old. It’s 2019 and times have changed. Don’t get left behind.

I can’t imagine a life where I spent my entire life worrying about what WORDS I could and couldn’t say to the girl and neither should you. I get away with saying things most guys can’t because my focus is mostly on HOW I’m saying what I’m trying to get across. It’s the How vs the What.

If you’re new and have never watched some of my infields, I highly recommend you do so. When you watch them, focus on how I say what I say. Theres always an air of nonchalance and an “Of course you’d want to” or “no big deal” way of saying things.

This accomplishes a lot at once. After you’ve established enough value and the girl begins to qualify herself, she’ll begin to start agreeing to things she wouldn’t have before. So when I say “Hey, lets go back to my place” or whatever I choose to say in an unconcerned way, she’s going to nod in agreement because it doesn’t sound like I’m asking for much. It almost sounds like I’m asking a long time friend to come to the store with me, but she’s a stranger I met on the street mid-day!

I highly recommend everyone purchase a small voice recorder to record your interactions and go over them. This’ll help you hear what you sound like and it’s 10x more effective than field reports. You may be saying the exact lines you heard online but you’re tonality is off and impairing your results. It’s not the lines themselves. Go out and try to work on the TONE of your voice when you’re speaking and comment how it went. Like always, Good luck🍀


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