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How To NEVER Have A Platonic Interaction Ever Again

2 INCREDIBLY EASY Techniques To Sexually Escalate Your Conversations
Tell me if this sounds familiar…
You meet a girl and she responds well.
She’s smiling, laughing, and contributing to the conversation.
She seems interested.
You take her on an instant date, or maybe you isolate her in the club.
The interaction’s looking good.
You start thinking to yourself “maybe it’s possible to take this girl home”.
You’re feeling excited
But then you run into a problem…
The conversation starts to get kinda boring.
It gets platonic.
It feels like it’s reached its peak and you’re out of ideas.
You’re thinking to yourself “Fuck, what do I do next?”
You know things need to escalate, but you don’t know how.
Then things start to fizzle out.
You can see the girl’s losing interest.
She’s less engaged, she starts looking around…
Your losing her attention.
It’s crashing and burning and you’re out of ideas…
You start stressing a little.
Something NEEDS to happen…
Usually in this situation guys will do 1 of 2 things…
Either they do nothing because they don’t know what to do…
And the interaction fizzles out like a wet firework.
Or they go for the uncalibrated escalation move, like the makeout or the attempt to pull…
Which also doesn’t end well.
The escalation gets rejected, it becomes awkward and shortly after the girl leaves.
And the words she says next are the fucking WORST.
“Well it was nice to meet you”
God dammit.
Game over.
SOMETIMES at best you might leave with the number.
But it’s likely she won’t respond.
Sound familiar?
Unfortunately this situation is incredibly common.
Not knowing how to verbally escalate is a common sticking point.
A frustrating part of game which ruins a lot of interactions.
Interactions that really had the potential to go somewhere.
And that sucks.
But I’ve got some good news for you…
It’s time to put an end to this.
I’ve got two easy techniques to share with you…
And by the end of this post you can be sure that this frustrating situation never happens again.
Sound good?
Well let’s crack into it.
Before I go to deep on HOW to actually do this.
I want to touch on why it’s necessary.
Like a lot of things in game, and in life in general, it’s important to understand the “why.”
It’s important to have an understanding of the bigger picture.
So let’s do as Simon Sinnek would say, and Start With Why
There’s a lot of benefits to sexually escalating your interactions…
The first one is pretty simple:
Believe it or not…
Women absolutely LOVE talking about sex.
This may be a surprise to some of you, but it’s really not that big of a deal.
99 times out of 100, women love talking about things related to sex.
And by doing so, you’ll make your conversations much more engaging.
More so than the boring biographical “get to know you” fluff talk.
If done correctly, it will be much easier to keep her engaged, and invested in the conversation.
Talking about sex and sexual topics is an INCREDIBLE screening tool.
It helps to get a better idea of her sexual blueprint.
When you start talking about sex with a girl, you’ll be able to see exactly how she reacts.
If it seems like a massive deal to her then she most likely views sex as more of a big deal.
However, if she’s very enthusiastic about the topic, then it’s likely she’s a lot more sexually open.
The more you know about her sexual blueprint the easier it’ll be to present sex in a way that’s a win for her.
Which is pretty fucking important.
And probably the MOST IMPORTANT…
Talking about sex is a PERFECT way for you to convey that you’re a guy who doesn’t view sex as a big deal.
A guy who is sexually open.
A guy who isn’t judgemental around sex.
And by default, a guy who obviously gets laid.
This is EXTREMELY important.
It will help girls feel more comfortable in the idea of potentially sleeping with you.
If she knows she can enjoy having sex with you without feeling judged or slut shamed then it now becomes a win for her.
Which will make it a much higher chance of her actually wanting to sleep with you.
Which is obviously the end goal here.
Okay, so now that you have a better understanding of WHY to do it, let’s crack into HOW you can go about it.
These are by no means the ONLY ways to sexualise your conversations…
But for guys who struggle with this, it should be a massive help.
First of all:
The Sexual Escalation Stack.
This is extremely easy for anybody to implement.
It’s especially good for beginners or guys who get nervous talking about sex.
It’s basically a series of questions that start off very safe, but escalates to more sexual topics.
The sexual escalation stack would go a little something like this:
“Are you very open minded?”
“What about sexually open minded?”
“Have you ever kissed a girl?”
“Are you bi-sexual or into girls?”
“What’s your favourite sex position”
“Where’s the craziest place you’ve ever had sex?”
“Do you like having sex outdoors?”
“Have you ever had a threesome?”
“Do you like being dominated?”
“Do you like rough sex, spanking, hair pulling, choking etc?”
“Have you ever tried anal?”
“Do you enjoy anal sex?”
Now there are a TON of different topics you can bring up, and by all means this isn’t an absolute list of questions.
You can definitely get creative with this.
Also, memorising the topics before you go out will make it easier to implement.
One key that will help with delivery is to remain calm and casual.
You want it to seem like no big deal.
If you’re not used to talking about sex then you may get a little nervous while working your way through the list.
That’s totally fine.
The more you practise this the more you will start to experience positive reactions.
Which will help to build confidence with these topics.
Another situation that can happen when using this is the girl can sometimes make a big deal of it.
Or at least call you out on it.
In these cases it’s important to remain calm and nonchalant.
Once again, it’s no big deal.
A good reply I like to use is this:
“I just find it really interesting, I mean honestly I don’t judge. You could literally tell me anything. Or we can just talk about the weather if you want” (Sarcastically).
Another important note:
When going through these series of questions…
DO NOT deliver it as if it were an interview.
Elaborate a little on each topic, share your thoughts and views too.
I’ve used this countless times in my interactions and I can say with experience it works very very well.
It’s simple, and effective
Try it.
Sexual Cold Reads and Sexual Assumptions:
This is also VERY simple and easy to do.
And when done correctly can STRONGLY escalate the conversation in a very smooth manner.
Another great thing is that you can tailor these to be either very direct or more vague and generalising.
Either way, a cold read is basically a statement or an assumption.
It’s made in order to guess certain personality traits or behaviours about somebody.
You can use these to guess or assume that a girl is of or may be of a particular sexual nature.
It sounds a little complicated by definition, but let me give you an example:
We were out in Toronto last week and I was speaking to a girl who happened to be French.
I wanted to make the interaction a little more interesting so I said the following…
“One of the things that I really like about French girls is that they’re very sexually open. They don’t view sex as a big deal and they’re very sexually empowered which I respect a lot.”
Now do you think the conversation after this statement was boring and platonic?
Some other examples of this would be:
“Why do I get the feeling you’re not the type of girl who would be shy when it comes to any kind of bedroom activity”
“You really seem like the type of girl who, once you’re comfortable with somebody, can really allow yourself to be sexually open with them”
“Usually when I’ve spent enough time with a girl who seems to be more quiet and reserved like you are, they always tend to be the ones that are more wild and crazy once you actually get behind closed doors together”
“One of the things that I love about most girls who are kind of past their early 20’s is that they’re way less judgemental towards themselves when it comes to sex and they’re generally more sexually experienced, so it’s actually more fun”
Now there are a million different ways you can do this.
You can use a lot of different topics as the baseline topic to build the cold read or assumptions from.
Anything from age, where they’re from, physical style, personality type, career type etc.
Now instead of scribbling these examples down into your notebook of pickup lines…
I would STRONGLY encourage you to aim at learning the general format.
By doing so, you’ll be able to tailor them to the specific girl you’re talking to.
As a result, they will come across much more authentic.
Once you get the general format and have practiced them a little they can be a lot of fun. You will also learn to get creative with them.
This is another technique that I have used a LOT in my interactions with great results…
So once again…
Go out and try it.
There are many other great formats for sexualising your interactions, like Sexual Future Projections and Sexual Disqualification.
I may cover these in a later post…
But I also don’t want this post to turn into a short novel.
There’s one last thing I want to touch on though before I wrap it up (pun intended).
And that’s implementation.
It’s important to understand the best way to go about implementing new things into your game.
So that you don’t get stifled and stuck in your head when you’re out talking to girls.
This is something we do with all of our clients in the 90 Day Online Program when we’re assigning homework.
It helps them make progress whilst avoiding getting too analytical whilst they’re out.
It’s important to not overwhelm yourself with too much theoretical information whilst out taking action.
So with that being said, the BEST way to go about implementing new things into your game is the following:
Go out and game 100% normally as you always would.
Always aiming for the best possible result.
But whilst your out, it’s important to only have ONE specific point of focus for what you want to work on.
Keep that in the back of your mind and do your best to implement that into your interactions…
But do NOT overwhelm yourself with too many things at once.
So I would recommend picking ONE of the above formats.
Do your best to understand it, and then try to implement ONE at a time.
Once you learn them both well, you can then start to combine them…
Using them at the same time in any given interaction.
Which is a lot of fun.
I promise once you get more comfortable with these it will make a massive difference.
So please, go out and learn them.
Hope to hear from you…
Talk soon.

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